StarFest 2013 Science Fiction Denver

Science Fiction Festival Denver by Starland

Bob Gordon, a random stormtrooper and Julie Gordon at a convention
Bob, Storm Trooper # THX-1138 and Julie, at StarFest 2012

The StarFest 2013 dates have been announced. Running from Friday April 19th to Sunday April 21st, 2013, is the Starfest Convention in Denver, Colorado.  The event is being held in the Denver Tech Center.  StarFest is actually several events rolled into one mega-conference.

The conference offers the largest comic book festival in Denver plus sci-fi, horror, robots, and more.  There is plenty of good information available online at the main website: .  I will be updating this blog post Spring, so check back for more details.

The Robot from Lost In Space and Bob Gordon
Danger Bob Gordon

There is a really good facebook page with lots of information here: .

StarFest 2013 Hotel Information

The hotels for the conference are Marriott Denver Tech Center, 303-779-1100 or visit the website here.   Marriott DTC will be primary hotel for Starfest 2013, HorrorFest and RoboFest.  Guests decorate their interior balconies during the weekend and the rooms all open onto a large multi-story hall with a great view of the action.  The GameFest Convention is being hosted in the Hilton Garden Inn, 303-770-4200. Hyatt Regency is the third hotel officially part of the convention and the site of the comic book con.  Hyatt Regency contact info is online or call 888-421-1442.  Be sure to mention you are attending the Starfest and/or ComicFest conventions to get the best rates and book early.

Package of Star Trek toys
The Starfest 2013 The dealers room has lots of cool stuff for sale
Julie makes a good Princess Leia stand-in alongside R2-D2
Julie makes a good Princess Leia stand-in alongside R2-D2

Please check back for updates to this site with all the latest information.  And yes, when I’m not selling real estate, I do love science fiction movies and books (and no, I did not purchase the little Star Trek figures!).  Be sure to see these exciting 2014 festivals: and Starfest as well as MileHiCon.

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