Boulder home ownership

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Change happens. Phones are smaller, contracts are longer. Protect your family and use a Realtor on the path to Boulder home ownership

Buying your first home or your latest estate, you deserve good representation. Transactions are always changing.  The real estate contract to buy and sell is now sixteen pages long. A myriad of addenda is required for an average home transaction.    There are seven steps to Boulder home ownership in any transaction.

Find a Boulder Realtor

The first step is finding your Realtor to help you buy your new Boulder home.

  • Determine agency.   Will you utilize a Realtor to represent your sole, best interests?   Review the Definitions_of_Working_Relationships
  • Interview Realtors.  Sellers do this to sell.  Buyers can select the agent best suited for their purchase.  Of course, I want to be the Realtor you select for your Boulder home ownership search. All the same – interview agents.  Ask questions, “How long have you been an agent?” “Do you have references?” And so on.

Financing Your New Home

Step two on the dream to Boulder home ownership is getting your mortgage nailed down.   Get pre-approved for your financing.   There are so many different mortgage options out there and all with their own lingo: Chfa, Adjustable vs Fixed, Jumbo.   The cost is determined by closing costs plus the actual rate.  Selecting a mortgage broker is important – of course you want the best rate, but you also want mortgage lender that will get the deal done.  In today’s market, this is a critical step to your successful Boulder home ownership.

Looking At Homes

I think most home buyers start in the middle. Looking at houses.  With eye candy out there like Zillow, it is really easy to start dreaming of Boulder home ownership.   Looking online is an important step. Great way to become familiar with the market.  Now, take it a step further:

  1. View homes in person with your Realtor
  2. Visit open houses and let your Realtor know what you liked.
  3. Have your Realtor take you to new construction in the area.  New home starts are increasing nationwide in 2014.  A new home has plenty of advantages and an equal number of risks.
  4. Last year, home buyers viewed twelve houses on average on the road to Boulder home ownership.

 Fourth Step In Boulder Home Ownership

Be ready.  How do you overcome a multiple offer scenario on your dream home?   What steps can you take to influence the seller to take your offer?  Is it a Buyer’s Market or a seller’s market? Is the home really worth the listed price?  At this point, you are ready to buy. You have seen houses, spoken to a lender and found the home of your dreams.  It is time to write an offer.  Review the Contract_to_Buy_and_Sell_Real_Estate__Residential_ .   Keeping in mind this is a very large transaction, buyer’s remorse can set in, even on the most experienced home buyer.   This is the moment where you negotiate the deal.

Step Five – The Contract

Blah, blah blah. No, seriously folks, the real estate contract is sixteen pages long. Suffice it to say, that’s another blog post.  Every thing from inspections to surveys, dates and deadlines, the meat and potatoes of closing on your dream home. I’ve been at this almost twenty years and know my way around the contract.

Step Six

Closing and moving into your new home.  Line up movers, house cleaners, boxes ahead of time.  Here is a post on utilities – you will need to turn yours off if selling as well as take responsibility in your new home.   Closings usually take place at the title company. Your Realtor and lender will be on hand to advise you.

 Step Seven

Party like its 1999.  Let’s throw a house warming party. I’ll send out the invites and bring the food. This is a chance to celebrate Boulder home ownership!  It is also a good time to send out change of address cards.


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