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Thank You Boulder Real Estate News Blog Readers

Try as I might, it is difficult not to watch Google Analytics on a frequent basis.  Over the course of the past two years, blogging every day, I have found some posts are very popular, some less so.  Readership has consistently increased and I really appreciate you for visiting my website.  So: Thank You!!

Driving Down Random Roads

One of the unexpected benefits of needing to come up with a new blog on a daily basis is learning more about Boulder Colorado than I knew when I started this project.  Blogging every day for two years means writing over 700 posts.   Frequently, I found myself driving down random roads, quite literally, to find out what was at the end of the street.

For instance, earlier this summer I wrote a blog about the ten most expensive homes to sell in the past 30 days.  One of the properties was a multi million dollar mobile home on gorgeous acreage.   That home was down a set of random, dirt roads no one would ever think to drive down.   My wife Julie and I discovered, at the end of that particular road is a lovely organic nursery with excellent starter plants.  And we have since enjoyed delicious tomatoes, herbs and Fall lettuce we grew in our garden.  Plus, we got to see the world’s most expensive mobile home.  You can too, click here to read the story.

Understanding the Boulder Real Estate Market

Starting the first week of 2014, I decided I would write a weekly column as part of my blogging every day strategy.  This actually is more difficult than just writing anything — I found myself on a schedule to deliver very specific content.  My Saturday morning posts cover the most expensive luxury home sale in Boulder and the week’s Boulder affordable home sale.   Researching this data week in and week out has helped make me a better Realtor.

I suppose you can read just about anywhere that the Boulder market has shot up this year in terms of median home pricing.  Writing and blogging every day on real estate has helped me see firsthand that this median home price jump is being driven by the price of entry level housing.  A few years ago? You could purchase homes around $300,000 in Boulder.  Not so today.  Entry level houses are generally priced in the four hundred thousand range.  On any given week, the least expensive closing in Boulder could be well over half a million dollars.

This is important information.  I work with a lot of Millennial and Gen Y first time home buyers.  Understanding Boulder’s market is my job.  Having watched week in and week out the actual closing data has really made me much more informed.

And writing about closed transactions has also helped me better understand the higher end of the Boulder market.  The million dollar plus market has roared back to life in 2014.  This exclusive price point is key to the continued economic rebound in our community.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Blogging every day, I found myself always carrying a camera over the past two years (except the other day, when buyers spotted 3 black bears near a home I was showing).  Video below!!

The blogosphere experts suggest lots of pretty pictures. And you can’t just grab them off the internet.  So I’ve taken more photographs the last two years, well probably more than the rest of my entire life.   I’m not kidding, some days I find myself taking ninety photos.

One of the best outcomes from all of the photos: I started shooting video with my camera.  I have creatively used video to help two clients win homes in multiple offer compete scenarios.   And I have received a number of video testimonials at closings from clients.  Silly as it sounds, I’ve even found the confidence to shoot videos of myself talking about local community features such as Wanaka Lake Park.

Thousand Word Posts

When I started writing and blogging every day, my goal was to create a post three words in length. And it was tough.  But quickly, I became a better writer and found the confidence to write creatively and better express myself.  Lately, I’m routinely writing posts that are 1,000 to 2,000 words on a daily basis. 

Blogging every day, I take a lot of photographs, like this one of a beautiful home in Boulder Colorado
Blogging every day, I take a lot of photographs, like this one of a beautiful home in Boulder Colorado

Contributing Content

I’ve been selling real estate since 1995 and its been a great experience.  Since I started blogging every day, I have had the added opportunity to contribute information to others in the mortgage and real estate field nationally.  Big thanks to friend and past client Doreen for helping me out. She recommended HARO – Help A Reporter Out.  And I have done just that.  This year I’ve been quoted in quite a few publications — a super fun plus to blogging every day!

  •  US News & Money article with quote about one of my first home buying clients.
  • Big thank you to Aaron Crowe for quoting me in stories like this one.

Writing Here, there and blogging every day everywhere

I’ve written blog posts from the lobby of a New York City hotel and the beach in St Thomas, USVI.   While blogging every day for two years, I wrote a number of posts while visiting friends and family across the US, and a few times wrote posts in advance. Honestly though, I mostly blog on the day of my post.

Big Thanks To

My #1 hero when it comes to blogging every day? Kristal Kraft in Denver, another Realtor.  She blogged every day for three plus years.  I don’t think I’m going to beat that record.  Marci James with Obeo has taught me so much about the online social media world and those darn # hashtags.  Dave Smith in Arizona helped me create an amazing website and encourages me constantly to just keep blogging.   Stacie Staub with Live Urban in Denver leads by example -she is a great blogger.  Dave Taylor in Boulder is a blogging god and I’ve picked up some great motivation, ideas and guest posts from attending a number of workshops he organizes around Boulder Colorado.  I’m probably missing some folks.  Great thing about a blog – I can come back and edit it later.

Social Media

One of other super benefit of blogging every day for two years? I’ve learned a lot about social media.  Thank you to my friends and followers on communities such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Facebook.  And, blogging every day I’ve discovered Instagram is actually a lot of fun!

The Big Message From Blogging Every Day For Two Years Straight

There is no big message from blogging every day for two years. Sorry if you were waiting for my zen moment.  My takeaway from all of this effort: I’m a better Realtor and am enjoying two solidly great years in the business.   I appreciate the knowledge I’ve picked up and look forward to blogging tomorrow.  I probably won’t make it three years straight, but you never know.   Thanks for reading the blog, leave a comment if you want and give me a call if I can help you buy or sell a home

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