Superior Sports Stable Impresses

Canadian Model Delivers Top Notch Sports

exterior building view of superior sport stableTucked onto the now being developed 157 acre master planned Downtown Superior property sits the impressive Sports Stable. An amazing addition to Superior (a community really well known for the Rock Creek subdivision).  

Above all, this facility boasts two NHL sized hockey rinks supported by twenty four locker rooms. You’ll also find a community room, universal ball courts, a coffee shop, even a flex community space.  Oh, and there are plenty of spaces to workout too.

Adult Fitness Facility

Upstairs is a treasure trove of a gym. A state of the art adult fitness facility inside Superior’s Sports Stable.   Treadmills and exercise bikes look out on one of two full sized ice hockey rinks.  There is a beautiful studio, ideal for catching workout class.  Physical therapy is offered and members can arrange one on one coaching sessions.

Impact Sports Operates Inside The Sports Stable

The Impact Sports facility is moving at a beat of its own.  There is a good sized room stocked for Cross Fit.  Other there, rowing machines neatly parked, waiting for the next WOD (workout of the day).  Here, a row of Universal weight racks, ready for squatting, dead lifting and basically getting in shape.  If you have ever tried Cross Fit, you know it is loud, fast, powerful and filled with heavy looking weight bars.

Impact hours at Boulder County Sports Stable: Monday – Friday, 5 am to 9 pm, Saturday & Sunday, 7 am to 7 pm. Contact: 303-467-2288

There are a number of independent businesses within the Sports Stable at Superior. 

indoor sports stable field with young campers
Summer kids camp at Sport Stable keeps little ones running around all day

The Sticks Coffee shop is sharp.  It serves beloved Boulder roaster Ozo Coffee and offers commanding views of the soon to be completed Downtown Superior as well as stunning mountain views to the west. Accordingly, as you arrive at the complex, its easy to spot this coffee shop!  

pizza restaurant brunelleschi

Or grab lunch upstairs Brunelleschi’s.  My guide, Sam, tells me the eatery serves thirty different beers and at lunch hour you can get the pizza special for just ten bucks.   The restaurant pipes in hockey games being played onsite.  What an amazingly cool opportunity – enjoy a dinner out while watching your youngster televised into the diner! Without doubt there’s nothing more memorable.

Learn to skate, attend a hockey camp, Figure skating, Broomball, hockey school, High School hockey, Superior Rough Rider Jr. A hockey, drop-in, stick and puck time, tournaments, public skating (and rentals), Youth hockey teams, adult hockey, Hockey leagues, private lessons.  The Superior Sports Stable has ice hockey covered.

Thank You Sam And Garret For Tour

In short, I experienced an amazing tour of the Sports Stable from Sam. He is part of the management/sales team as a college intern.  The guys showed me the entire place.  On the day of my visit, the massive 40 yards x 75 yards indoor fields (that’s 27,000 square feet) are being utilized by a children’s summer camp.  Hint: book now for next year; the camp is uber popular.

college intern garrett standing beside a zamboni ice maker

One of the coolest, behind the scenes things we checked out – the Zamboni room.  I got a quick lesson in how they work, saw a pile of fresh snow, which felt incongruous with 90 plus temps outside and stepped into the room that makes the ice.  I shot a quick video of that room, filled with piping, motors, fans and deafeningly loud. 

sports stable hockey locker room with ping pong table
Ice Hockey Locker room at Sport Stable

More Things To Do

  • Baseball players (mostly on school leagues) take advantage of the batting cages.  The club is considering the addition of automated pitching similar to a fun club setting.
  • Indoor Golf.  There are six golf simulators, allowing adept players to knock out a round of 9 holes for just ten bucks during the week.
  • Practice for sports. Currently Monarch High School takes advantage of the universal court to hold women’s volleyball and men’s basketball practices.  Maybe your team needs space?
  • Work on team building skills while doing a group workout.
  • Host a meeting, use the first come/first serve conference room. 
  • Join.  $65/month gets you access to a wide variety of workout spaces.  Ice Hockey is additional.
  • Watch a Juniors or Monarch HS team play.  These games fill up the stands and are fast, fun affairs!

Fast Facts Sports Stable You May Not Know

The facility employs 493 employees as of the most recent count.  This facility created a lot of community jobs when it opened.   Privately built and operated.  Notwithstanding the Town of Superior’s presence — the city has its Park and Recreation offices here, the Sports Stable was built with private dollars.  It cost $27,000,000 and is managed by a board of 45 with strong ties to the local hockey scene.  

Over twelve thousand people, ages 2 to adult, take advantage of the Sports Stable every year.  Indoor/Turf leagues are offered in a wide variety of sports including dodge ball, kickball, Nerf gun battles! and ultimate Frisbee, to name just a few. Boulder is a community known for recreational athleticism.

weight room at sport stable with a few people inadvertantly in frame.
one of two weight rooms, featuring a Universal Rack system in the Sport Stable


Sport Stable
1 Superior Drive
Superior, CO 80027


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    I will be sharing your article with our entire staff, along with our investors. Thank you again!


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