Susan Finesilver Nourishes Food Drive Success

Susan Finesilver Dishes Out Inspiration

The Community Food Share’s annual Corporate Challenge raises a ton of money and food each year.  Spearheading that effort is CFS’ Susan Finesilver.   She is highly motivated, passionate about what she does, and a volunteer.  A volunteer getting other volunteers excited to get out there and raise a ton of money and food.

This year, her energy and passion inspired participants in the Corporate Challenge to raise $521,916 and collect 87,412 pounds of food.  This is nothing less than a tremendous outcome.  Wow.

Wow Says It All

Have you ever visited the local food bank known as Community Food Share?  You really should. It is a state of the art 70,000 square foot warehouse in the Louisville Technology Park.  The first time I visited was to help a client. 

About a month before the food drive begins, Susan Finesilver rallies the troops. There is a big breakfast, all-hands-on-deck, for the team leaders from every office.  Following an amazing video and presentation, we hear about a wide variety of neat ideas.  One office hosts a 1/2 K run.  The goal is to have the most average time.  It is really silly.  Another office bids on taking over the CEO’s office.  Last year’s winning bidder made the CEO’s office into a disco ballroom for a week.  Everyone participating pays in towards Community Food Share’s Corporate Food Drive Challenge.    After the big meeting, Susan is in touch with us to offer encouragement and then follows up to keep us on track.  She is an incredible leader and brings so much to our community.

How I Got Involved in Community Food Share

I was helping a client, Terri, make a big move from Boulder to Columbus Ohio.  As part of her relocation, she wasn’t sure what to do with all the food in her pantry.  Her home boasted a big pantry, and thus, a big collection of food.  Paying for it to be packed, shipped and stored sounded silly.  But throwing all of that food away would be a waste.  As I helped get her home sold, I offered to pack out the unnecessary food.  CFS was grateful for the donation!

The answer of course was to donate the food. 

Going above and beyond for clients is what thrills me about my real estate career.  So I volunteered to pack all of the food out of Terri’s home haul it over to the CFS facility.  Honestly, I had no idea what to expect.  Previously  I had brought a couple of cans of food to donate at an event.  This was my first ever visit to a food bank.  The volunteers were so grateful to receive all the random pantry food. 

CFS weighed that first donation and I was surprised to discover I was donating over 400 pounds of food.   Let’s see – help a client and do a good deed at the same.  I was hooked and immediately volunteered to be a part of the CFS Corporate Food Challenge!

Boulder Hunger Surprises Me

I wouldn’t have thought an affluent place like Boulder has that much hunger.  Wrong!  Hunger knows no boundaries.   Community Food Share provides millions of meals annually to those in need in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. 

Be like me – take a donation over and get a tour of the facility.  Be humbled, impressed and grateful all at once while seeing a massive warehouse, filled with state of the art drive in refrigerated bays.   Learn that every week a portion of the space is converted to a grocery outlet where families in need select from a wide variety of fresh organic veggies, top quality dairy products and fresh meat.  

Those in need shop, like at a grocery store, but there is no cost for those qualifying for the program.   CFS distributes enough food for 25,000 meals everyday.   And they do it with dignity.   It’s pretty cool, and did I mention that Susan is pretty cool?

Thank You Susan Finesilver

Thank you for getting me involved, letting Berkshire Hathaway participate in the Corporate Food Challenge and being a part of what makes Boulder so awesome: community.  I’ll be sure to ask all my clients if they have any food in their pantry that could use a new place to call home!

julie and realtor bob gordon at community food share with bob hoisting a barrel
Filling barrels for Community Food Share
sweet cow truck, realtor bob gordon posing alongside son bear peterson-gordon at community food share event
Sweet Cow provided free ice cream at our 1st annual Community Food Share event. Hope you can make it next year !!!  Realtor Bob Gordon pictured with his son, Bear.
community food share grocery area
The warehouse transforms an area into a grocery every week for families in need.


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