TACC Garage Sale 2022

2023 Trails at Coal Creek UPDATE

This year’s sale takes place on Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd. Sale starts at 8 am and lasts until 1 pm each day. If you are a neighbor and need a sig

Mark Your Calendars

It’s official. The Trails at Coal Creek — TACC Garage Sale 2022 is set for Saturday May 14th, starting at 8 am. Be sure to check out both the North and South sides of the neighborhood.

Where is TACC Garage Sale?

Trails at Coal Creek is generally located Southwest of Hwy 287 and South Boulder Road. You can enter the North side of the neighborhood from Minotaur Drive or Hwy 287. You can access the South side of the neighborhood at Stage Station Way or use the handy traffic light at Hwy 287 and South Public Road.

Last year we had over 30 homes participate with all sorts of great items for sale. Check back for a curated list of what’s for sale/where.

Participating homes will have a Garage Sale sign in the front yard.

inside a tacc garage sale with shelves stacked with goods for sale
Some TACC neighbors use their garages. Others place belongings for sale on the driveway.

Trails At Coal Creek Neighbors

For those not participating this year, be sure to have your garage doors closed on Saturday May 14th, 2022 to reduce confusion. People can get very excited during garage sales.

A community garage sale can be fun for the whole family. Consider an adult supervised Lemonade Stand for children. Be cautious handling your money. Keeping your cash on you, say in a Fanny pack, is advisable as opposed to a stationary cash box (which might, unfortunately, go missing).

Cash And Garage Sales

Plan ahead. Get $50 to $75 change in fives and ones. Have ten dollars in quarters, especially if you will be selling small items.

Goal: clear out the basement!

You are unlikely to get rich holding a garage sale. But clearing all that junk out of your basement may well be invaluable. Question: do you want top dollar for your junk or would you prefer to not have to put it back in your basement if it doesn’t sell?

kids getting balloons and decorating bikes for the 4th of july in trails at coal creek
The TACC garage sale is just one of the annual events. On the 4th of July there is a bike parade.

Marketing Your TACC Garage Sale Stuff

A little marketing at your garage sale can go a long ways. Selling an old Christmas tree? Consider decorating it with a few bulbs (also for sale) and plug it in if it’s working. Perhaps surround it with some of the toys you are trying to sell.

Selling electronics? Have extension cords and a power strip on hand so shoppers can try devices in your driveway.

Clearly mark what’s for sale and what’s not. Don’t let strangers inside your home! Garage sales can be a great experience, just plan ahead for the big day. Wondering what to sell? Last year’s trails at coal creek garage sale was a huge success.

Professional Garage Sale Folks Arrive Early

While this year’s TACC Garage sale starts at 8 am, don’t be surprised if buyers arrive early. Professional garage sale shoppers will be early or prompt. Perhaps be ready to stand your ground on price the first hour before you start making deals.

Mirror and Shopping Bags

For a super successful sale, make it easy for shoppers. Consider setting up a mirror (not for sale) so shoppers can try on clothing. Have a supply of bags available so garage sale shoppers can easily purchase more than one item.

Group similar items together. For instance a rack with shoes, or baby clothes marked by age: Six months & under, Toddlers 1 to 3, etc. The more you market your goods, the more appealing, the likelier you are to sell out and not need to return stuff to your basement!

Realtor Bob Gordon Supplying Signs

Need a sign for this year’s TACC garage sale? Leave a comment below with your name and address and I’ll drop off a sign for you. Or send me at text with the same information at 303-931-9901.

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