TACC Garage Sale

Trails at Coal Creek Garage Sale

All about the since held TACC garage sale 2021 which was a major success for the community and resulted in a follow up community garage sale the following year. Check back because I’m pretty sure I’ll be hosting another community wide garage sale for 2023.

  • Saturday, May 21st and Sunday May 22nd, 2023
  • 8 AM to 1 PM
  • Dozens of homes participating this year!

Everything from here down is about previous garage sale.

Annual event, happening this summer in the Trails at Coal Creek neighborhood. Be sure to check out both the North and South sides of the neighborhood. There is not an internal street connecting the two sides of the Trails at Coal Creek. You will have to use Hwy 287 to reach both portions of the community. Look for the banners along Highway 287 marketing the TACC garage sale 2021.

Great selection of home goods, children’s toys and clothing, exercise gear, housewares, art, books, compact discs and so much more.

761 Rock Ridge Drive has plenty of great treasures for sale on Saturday June 5th starting at 8 am.

ThesePlan Your TACC Garage Sale 2021 Sale Day

North Side:

  • 1824 Pioneer Circle – baby items and clothes
  • 1818 Pioneer Circle
  • 1800 Pioneer Circle
  • 881 Old Wagon Trail Cir
  • 1956 Pioneer Circle
  • 1717 Dusty Boot
  • 759 Old Wagon Trail Cir
  • 887 Old Wagon Trail Circle
  • 920 Old Wagon Trail Cir – Mostly kids’s stuff featuring Double BOB and single BOB strollers, car seat, toddler and girls clothes, toys !!
  • 1944 Pioneer Circle
  • 1806 Pioneer Circle – Picture this: golf clubs and cameras, camera lens and bags and tripod, exercise equipment, books, and more!
  • 1734 Pioneer Circle – featuring some furniture, housewares, clothes, kids toys
  • 1726 Dusty Boot
  • 1890 Pioneer Circle – Selling tools, an antique iron bed frame, glassware, and miscellaneous
  • 1791 Pioneer Circle
  • 1887 pioneer Circle

South Side:

  • 746 Rock Ridge Drive — featuring Furniture, home decor, clothing, dance costumes (age 12+), kitchen items, and more!
  • 769 Stagecoach Dr.
  • 749 Rock Ridge Drive
  • 620 Trails at Coal Creek Drive
  • 676 Stage Station Way — You’ll find bar stools, dining chairs, household items, side table, coffee table
  • 763 Stagecoach Dr – We have kids toys, clothes, shoes to age 7. IKEA kids chair, Skuut bike for toddler, Thule double stroller with baby sling bike hookup running wheel and it’s own skis. 12” preschool bike, Osprey kid hiker pack.
  • 781 Stagecoach Dr – Owners say, “We will have girls clothes size 6-8, boys clothes size 5, some chairs, curtains, pillows, miscellaneous house items, and a lemonade stand!”
  • 724 Stagecoach Dr
  • 865 Stagecoach Dr
  • 856 Stagecoach Dr
  • 761 Rock Ridge Drive – Find a 4-poster rod iron queen size bed frame, beautiful Stickley coffee table, Books galore of every genre, ladder, kitchen items, lawn equipment, women’s/men’s clothing and shoes, scrub tops and bottoms, purses, bags, totes, suitcases, home decor, lamps, framed artwork, holiday decor, nautical dishes, large Franciscan wear collection and so much more!

Check back for the most recent updates on participants, start/end times, resources.

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Check out homes for sale in the Trails at Coal Creek

TACC Garage Sale 2021Garage Sale Participants

On the big day of the Trails at Coal Creek Garage Sale, be ready to start early. Hardcore garage sale goers will likely start showing up before the sale even officially begins. Especially if you advertise selling some hot item like hot wheels or something.

Be ready early!

It’s not uncommon for serious garage sale hunters to show up much earlier than the official sale. These folks will be hunting for great deals and steals. Once you open your sale to one shopper, more are sure to arrive. So be ready to go on the early side. Or, let a line form to create some extra hype for your sale!

Not Participating? Close Your Garage Doors!

Neighbors – if you are NOT participating in the community garage sale, this is a good weekend to keep your garage door closed.

Handling Cash At Your Garage Sale

Consider wearing a fanny pack and keeping your garage sale cash on you. Nothing ruins a successful yard sale like having some jerk walk off with your cash.

Be sure to get a roll of quarters and dimes ahead of time. You’ll want $75 to $150 in one’s and fives to make change. You can always take any unused funds back to the bank.

Find a little bit of everything at 749 Rock Ridge Drive on the south side of Trails at Coal Creek. Toys, furniture, yard and lawn gear, wine glasses & kitchen housewares.

Pricing Items For Sale

Ask yourself ahead of time if you are trying to retire off the sale of your precious belongings or clear the clutter from your basement. Garage sales are not necessarily the best way to get the highest and best price. But, you can certainly get rid of your stuff.

Consider having a centrally located pricing list and then use stickers on items for pricing. Green dots = $5, Red dots = $1, Blue Dots = a quarter. If things are going slowly, you can quickly drop your prices.

1806 Pioneer Circle will be offering Canon Cameras and lenses for sale.

Placing Items For Sale

Clearly designate where you will allow garage sale shoppers to go. If you have lots of Christmas items for sale, maybe create a little holiday corner to accentuate these items.

TACC garage sale 2021 participants having the most success are prepared early, with extra cash on hand to make change and all prices marked clearly.

Selling electronics? Consider investing in some batteries ahead of time so you can show things work. Have a box of light bulbs to demonstrate lamps and plug in some extension cords ahead of time so shoppers can try items with a plug!!

These days garage sales do not necessarily happen in garages. In the early morning hours it might be more comfortable but in the later part of the day your garage can really heat up.

This week is a good time to prep for the sale. Maybe designate part of your garage and set out tables. Start placing your items for sale, marking prices or affixing colored dots. On the day of the sale, you can move your tables out onto the driveway in good weather!

Decide ahead of time how you’ll handle purchases where a buyer gives you the money, but has to come back for an item.

Show Off Your Stuff

Try to show off your sale items on tables. Get it off the ground. Make it easy for everyone to reach your goods for sale. In stores, the middle shelves are the hottest selling sections of a store. Things on high shelves or down by the floor tend to sell more slowly or not at all.

Take a lesson from retailers and avoid placing your goods on the floor!

Selling baby clothes? Consider labeling sections by size: 0-6 months, 1 year old Boys, 3 year old girl’s. Make it super easy for garage sale shoppers to find exactly what they want!

Organize your stuff to show it off. The owners on 761 Rock Ridge are prepping ahead of time and will have lamps, shoes and so much more!


Let your kids get in on the garage sale too. Consider letting them set up a supervised lemonade stand or chocolate chip cookies and ice cold bottled water. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll make, especially as temps heat up!

A Small Word of Warning

Very little ones probably should not be part of your garage sale. After all, garage sales by their very nature attract plenty of strangers. Little kids should be supervised by a trusted adult or parent inside and away from your garage sale.

And don’t let strangers into your home to use the bathroom. There are plenty of public businesses nearby with public restrooms!

Shopping Bags

This is a great opportunity to reuse those plastic bags from King Soopers or get rid of excess bags. Providing bags to shoppers purchasing several little things might encourage a garage sale shopper to buy more of your junk, err, stuff!

More TACC Garage Sale 2021 Recommendations For Successful Garage Sale

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Planning on selling clothing? Having a mirror might help potential buyers to hold the clothing up to see how it looks or see themselves in your threads if they want to try something on.

Pricing Your Treasures

Selling something that is like-new, in the original box or duplicate you received as gift? Consider asking up to 50% of the item’s original value. For those items that are gently use and in good condition, you might get 30 cents on the dollar. For well used stuff, I would be excited to get ten percent and not have to put it back in the basement.

Books & CD’s – consider buy one, get one. Remember, you don’t want to box all those books and carry them back into the basement one more time.

Records – Vinyl is suddenly popular again. Don’t be surprised if your old collection of records is suddenly cool. Red Line (vintage) hot wheels are a collector’s item, so are some other toys. Consider googling what you have before your sale for pricing suggestions.

Hand Sanitizer And Face Masks

As the coronavirus pandemic is winding down, even if you are vaccinated, this is a good time to have some hand sanitizer out. So many people will be handling items for sale. You may also want to wear a mask and have a sign requesting visitors to wear a mask. Remember, only about half of the country has been vaccinated so far.

Success: TACC Garage Sale 2021 Calls For Repeat in 2022

We had such a good turn out of visitors we have decided to do another garage sale in 2022. Here’s the link to this year’s garage sale. See you soon.

What To Do With What Doesn’t Sell At Yard Sale?

There are companies that will haul your stuff away. Or you can take items to Goodwill. Community Food Share will take your unopened food – even if it is somewhat past it’s use-by date. What’s your goal? To keep your stuff or reduce your clutter? Do you really want to put all that stuff back in your basement?

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