Tebo Car Collection

row of vintage cars in Tebo Car Collection
Gorgeous vintage automobiles in the Tebo Car Collection, a Boulder Colorado treasure!


 Model A to Datsun 280 ZX

Tucked away in an unassuming warehouse location is the wonderful car collection of Stephen Tebo.  The warehouse is a former manufacturing site. It is a large space with a plethora of smaller rooms on all sides.  From the moment I entered the Tebo car collection, I knew I was in for a treat. This guy is a consummate collector.  Up front are a row of pinball machines, a handful of toys related to cars, a seating area and lots of nostalgic items primarily related to John Wayne, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. But the front area is really just an after thought. Upon entering the main room of the Tebo car collection, I’m immediately wowed by the row of gleaming Model A’s.


There are different rooms, each dedicated to a car, concept, style.  In one room a row of antique fire engines sits across from a couple of old style squad cars. I swear it feels like I’m on the set of Andy Griffith show – there is a police squad car that feels just like the one from Mulberry.

vintage fire trucks and an ambulance in the Tebo car collection
A large bay in the Stephen Tebo Car Collection is dedicated to ambulances, police squad cars and fire trucks.

car interiorget behind the wheel and go


In another part of the building, I have my  photo taken alongside the Batmobile. The Tebo car collection has lots of references to pop culture. I see a Delorean sans flux capacitor, a candy apple red Ferrari we all agree reminds us of Magnum P.I., hot rods reminiscent of American Graffiti and more.

Model A's gleam under the lights at the Tebo car collection in NW Boulder County
Model A’s gleam under the lights at the Tebo car collection in NW Boulder County
barb truan
The ubiquitous Barb Truan attends the Bouder Chamber of Commerce event at the Tebo Car Collection.


Tebo Car Collection Has Something For Everyone

One room houses a number of cherry Mustangs.  Guys who know more about cars than I do walk around each, pointing out how the body was enlarged here, this is the one Steve McQueen drove, that one is the classic body from sixty something.

Bob Gordon Realtor berkshire hathaway homeservices and another lady real estate agent in massive garage car collection
Bob Gordon inside the Stephen Tebo Car Collection
a half track vehicle ideal for a snowy day in Boulder Colorado
One of a kind – I think – half track

Another room holds vintage Cadillacs.  I see a beautiful Eldorado. It reminds me of a car my family owned briefly when I was a kid. Briefly, because our car didn’t wind up in the Tebo car collection, instead it went to the junk heap after the engine caught fire.  Another childhood car is in the room with all the exotic sports cars. It’s a 1978 Datsun 280 ZX.

Datusun 280 zx
Beloved Datsun 280 ZX

Surprisingly, several people tell me they wanted to buy this car once upon a time.  We had one quite by chance during our high school years. It was a lot of fun to drive.  Especially since the other kid car at the time was Lee Iococca’s famous K-car.  You don’t see anyone saving K-cars these days Dad – in case you are reading this blog.  We really hated that car. Good for America and saved Chrysler, but beyond boring especially in high school.

Laura Sparks, a principal in Three Ring Events, poses alongside a beloved Ford Mustang
Laura Sparks, a principal in Three Ring Events, poses alongside a beloved Ford Mustang


Vintage Americana

And then there are all the classic cars. A Starfire and a Chiefton sit side by side.  Gleaming and pretty yet so out of style.  A row of Model A’s greets visitors as you enter.  There are all sorts of work vehicles – a few hearses, delivery trucks, a milk truck.  I’m not even sure of all the names of the cars in the Tebo car collection.  Each of course is labeled.  And a little sticker adorns the headlights, showing the date the car was previously driven. A staff of four ensures every vehicle in the Tebo car collection goes out once every 90 days.

row upon row of gleaming vintage automobiles
row upon row of gleaming vintage automobiles

Too soon, the music dies down, and an announcer thanks us for attending the Boulder Chamber of Commerce event.  It is time to leave the amazing Stephen Tebo car collection.  If you get the opportunity, by all means, be sure to check it out.  A Boulder Colorado treasure to be sure.  Read more in my earlier post here.  And see more great photos from the collection!

1960 and 70's cars
The Tebo car museum is filled lustrous cars

red car
slick and shiny red, this is a treasured auto in the Tebo car collection


David Wein mortgage banker
David Wein and his son Mason at the Tebo Car Collection

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