The Cup of Coffee Boulder

Just two blocks of the vaunted Boulder Pearl Street Mall is a bustling coffee shop: The Cup. Ethan Martin is working at the cashier this morning. He cheerfully greets me and explains, “We serve Conscious Coffee. The farmers are well treated and highly paid. Its a better system for everyone.”

the counter inside the cup coffee shop
handwritten chalk board and cases of delicious baked goods tempt The Cup visitors

Ethan goes on to say he feels really proud to be part of an organization that takes such good care of the farmers producing the beans. He suggests with a smile they even more than he does. Maybe they do or don’t but it does seem the employees at The Cup are a chatty, happy, focused bunch.

Don’t Forget To Feed The Meter!

This place is busy and the line moves along quickly. A mid morning visit on my part is clearly the HIP time to be here. I’m relegated to a spot in the back. There’s a “Cell Phone Booth” back here. I think they are serious.

Hang Out At The Cup Boulder Coffee Shop

Plenty of people are having conversations. Enjoying a bit of food with their coffee drinks. A few folks – less than half the crowd to be sure – are on computers. Gosh, visit a coffee shop and you realize we live in this truly digital era.

The Cup offers plenty for your soul as well. Out front, a big glass wall turns out to be a functioning garage door. The staff roll the thing up and suddenly the cafe is an indoor/outdoor space spilling onto the sidewalk.

Friends and strangers greet one another with a smile and a word of “Hello.” This is a great place to take a break and catch up with a friend.

The standard of service here is simple. You are a friend and you are staying for awhile. So Boulder’s The Cup offers an array of mugs and glassware and coffee cups so you can relax and really enjoy your java. Or grab a paper cup to go.

Artwork adorns the walls. I’m still getting a kick out of the “Cell phone booth” back in the corner. But then, this place is filled with Millennials. And they never talk on their “devices!” Ha. Just kidding.

All Around Excellent Boulder Cup of Coffee

interior of the cup boulderI’m sipping on an organic espresso Mantecca as I type away. Have to say, this is truly a good cup of Joe. Its complex and invigorating. Its a mix of beans from Ethiopia, Latin America and even Indonesia. Its easy to imagine I’m watching a Pacific sunset from the mix of flavors in my coffee.

Also Serving Lunch and Ice Cream

Stay for lunch, swing back for an afternoon snack of cool delicious ice cream. Time it right and have an incredible iced cinnamon roll — not available everyday.

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Find your dream home in the Pearl Street area. Search for a property now. Or contact Bob Gordon to create a search or view a home. Get official info for The Cup on their website. And maybe grab a breakfast burrito down the street at Illegal Pete’s for the ultimate morning combo.

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