The Weekend Update By Bob Gordon Realtor

Welcome Back AKA Issue 2

It could be argued, the toughest blog to write is the first one.    I know I wanted mine to be perfect, thus I waited years to get started. In the end, I don’t even recall my first blog being all that good.  Writing the second consistent post.  Now, that can be challenging. And here I am, up for the challenge with the weekend update by Bob Gordon Realtor (that’s me).

1725 Upland Ave Boulder, 80304
High sale of the week, featured in The Weekend Update By Bob Gordon Realtor.  Home Listed and sold by Carrie Hill Rocky Mountain RE.


Denver Real Estate Hot Market

A shout out to Mom.  Yes, my Mom sent along a great article this week.  The Investors Business Daily points out that Denver is a booming real estate market.  And Denver doing well is good news for Boulder.   Can you guess my favorite part of the article? It wasn’t the values being up, that the area is affordable or you get more for your money.  All of which, btw, are true.

No, what I loved about the article and feel I have to mention the weekend update by Bob Gordon Realtor (that’s me) is the story is about a modern day Renaissance Man.  The fellow who is featured in the article quit a job at Goldman Sachs (the investment firm) to go to Med School.  OMG, the guy is a modern day Buckaroo Banzai.  Okay, back to work on Boulder real estate now.

Boulder Affordable Homes


2726 Pine St Boulder, 80302
Listed and sold by John Kelly, Boulder Valley Real Estate. Home featured as most affordable Boulder sale this week

2726 Pine Street Boulder  80302 is this week’s most affordable sale.    Be sure to check out the pictures for this home available here.   This house took five days to go under contract and closed for $5,000 over list price.  As I write the weekend update by Bob Gordon Realtor (that’s me) it strikes me – this is the quintessential Boulder home.  Needs work, great location, kind of small, but its Boulder.  

Boulder is a diverse community with a wide range of housing styles.  This week’s homes are different in many ways.

Boulder Million Dollar Homes

There are great deals to be had in Boulder Colorado real estate.  This week’s most expensive closing netted the buyers $300,000 in savings.  As reported in the weekend update by Bob Gordon Realtor (that’s me), 1725 Upland Ave Boulder, 80304 closed for $1,675,000 this week.  The house had been listed for just under two million. It was on the market almost four months before receiving an offer and closing at the end of 2013.

Be sure to check out all the listings featured in the weekend update here.

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