Things To Do Around Boulder Colorado

I Just Moved To Boulder Colorado – Now What?

Well, welcome to town friend.  There are tons of great things to do around Boulder Colorado.  You’ve probably heard this is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous weather.  We have over 300 days of sunshine a year – including this afternoon as I jot my blog post.  There are dog parks and bike parks and all sorts of hiking trails.  And a lot more.  Here are some of my favorite suggestions for someone new to town or just visiting.

Frozen Dead Guys Day sign
Frozen Dead Guys Day

Frozen Dead Guys Day

Plan ahead – this event is coming up fast!

If the timing works out, be sure to attend FDG Day at least once.  If you’ve been in town awhile, maybe you were part of the Kinetics celebration that used to take place out at the Boulder Res.  These events are special.  Homegrown get out and smile and live a little stuff.  The folks up in Nederland have coffin races and bring “Grandpa” out for public viewing.   The guy has been on ice for decades now waiting for the Vanilla Sky technology to exist to reanimate him successfully.   Check out my Blog on the event from a few years back here!

Little Bit of Las Vegas At Casa Bonita

You have to go, at least once.  It is an unforgettable experience.  Take the kids for sure or make it a date night with your honey.   See the cliff diver leap into an incredibly small pool of water from staggering heights (maybe I exaggerate a wee bit).  Fun Mexican dining with a grand view. 

I know friends that make it an annual pilgrimage and others that roll their eyes at the thought of returning.  Regardless, call it a rite of passage of living here and it should be in your Top 20 list of things to do around Boulder Colorado and the Front Range!

Jim Bishop Roadside Attraction

Take a break and go for a drive.  Colorado has some wonderful camping and plenty do in the outdoors. And while you are on your way to some fabulous get-a-way, take a break and stop in to see Bishop’s Castle.  The castle is located at 12705 CO-165, Rye, CO 81069.  One fellow started piling up rocks and before he knew it, he had a castle.  Roadside America features the castle on its website & more.  Wondering where to drive off to? Visit the Sand Dunes or check out a natural hot spring in Buena Vista for some great day trips.

Bob Gordon Realtor looking at the Frasca restaurant
Frasca Top 10 Dining

James Beard Pizza and Tacos

Seeking a highly rated and delicious meal? We have some grand dining experiences around Boulder.  Be sure to check out award winning Frasca in Boulder – just make your reservations way in advance.  If you are craving all the flavor without dropping a paycheck, then visit Denver’s Family owned El Taco De Mexico at 714 Santa Fe Drive.  My son, Bear, and I first got turned onto street tacos visiting this iconic spot.  And, a neat but little known fact: in the thirty years of operation, it has been a mostly woman owned and operated venue!

Let’s Make Some Noise Colorado

While a popular refrain at many a sports venue around the state, I’m referring to Lafayette’s Drum Box.  Great place to check out your future drum kit and make some noise.  Great selection and the staff will happily get you set up to give it your best John Bonham impression!

Free Stuff To Do In Boulder That Makes Ever List Of Things To Do Around Boulder Colorado

So a few years back, on a winter break day during the school year, Bear and I headed over to Celestial Seasonings.  That’s the local tea company located up in Gunbarrel. I’ve blogged about coffee and tea – with a mention on the tour.  If you have a few hours to kill, I highly recommend taking the tour.  Its good fun – just don’t be the first person into the peppermint room — it is overpowering!

Prefer your tea steaming in a cup sans tour? Be sure to visit the Dushanbe Tea House. It’s an incredible gift to Boulder from our sister city.  Hard to imagine that this iconic Boulder landmark languished in boxes in a random warehouse for ages. 

Also free but just down the road in Denver is the Denver Mint.  They don’t make paper money here – just coins.  A very worthwhile experience.  There is also a superb train museum in Golden (costs a little), dinosaur park and buffalo viewing area!

Blogger Bob Gordon on Carousel of Happiness
Blogger Bob Gordon on Carousel of Happiness

Going Nowhere While Going In Circles

Just up the road is historic Nederland.  Home to a  great ski resort in our own backyard.  Avoid the crowded highways and get some runs on great slopes.  Or, take the kids and visit the spectacular hand built and restored Carousel of Happiness.  I’ve personally taken young – grand kids and old – Mom and everyone loves it.  Oy, don’t tell my Mom I just called her old in my blog post though!!

And on that note, seems like a good moment to stop and go do something fun on a Friday afternoon. 

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