Thinking About Moving Out To Colorado

Suddenly, Colorado sure is popular. I received two phone calls just this past week from young people thinking about moving out to Colorado. My advice: buy immediately. Why? For those thinking about moving out to Colorado it is getting more expensive every year.

During 2021 we had a stretch where it got more expensive by double digits month over month.

I suppose this sounds like simple Realtor-speak. But truly, to read the comments in a recent Facebook post, those already here speak of frustration when it comes to the cost of living and being priced out of housing.

So, what to do? Some thoughts.

Sanctity in Smallness

I liked one comment I saw repeated again and again. Think small. If you are thinking about moving out to Colorado, move to small place. As opposed to the over popular Front Range locales of Boulder and Denver or the super popular ski towns. Find a small town in-between the very popular spots.

This does actually work great. Southwest Longmont is hugely popular, but journey to the northeastern portion of the city and it is like a whole different world. I’ve helped clients get all the house they want, and keep their payments low by just looking a little differently at a map.

Similarly, Denver stops along the Light Rail are immensely popular. But, venture over to say Arvada and it becomes reasonably priced to live near Light Rail and then commute into Denver.

Spiritual Inspiration Awaits

Alyssa on Facebook commented, “I love it here in Gold Hill. Only 20 minutes from Boulder, small mountain town, so many trails, wonderful spiritual community.” That really sums up the value of finding a smaller community to call home. You get all the sought after features, less the hoards of people. Gold Hill really is a quiet little town built atop the mountains overlooking Boulder.

Great advice. As you are just moving here for the first time, rather than get attached to some uber – popular and expensive locale, why not start out in a small community.

Small doesn’t necessarily mean lesser. Gold Hill has a great sense of community. And you’ll find many rebuilt and beautiful homes following the once in a hundred year flooding we experienced back in 2013.

Politics Comes Into Play

Though we are a long ways from the DC Beltway, politics can come into play for those thinking about moving out to Colorado. Politics and water divides the state. The rural East and mining in the mountains wants water for commercial purposes. These areas tend to be more conservative.

So Colorado with all that space would sound like a RED state.

A setback for those thinking about moving out to Colorado and considering Louisville and Superior. Housing is tight following the devastating Marshall Fire. Here a fence survives intact while the Harper Lake neighborhood behind is gone.

But, the city centers are liberal bastions. Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder and the ski towns along i-70 want water water for residential uses. And Millennials are moving to these areas in really big numbers. So Colorado would be BLUE state.

Colorado Springs is a big urban center with a lot of military. So if you are thinking of moving to that portion of the state, it’s RED and conservative. Confused? Well, this is how Colorado gets to be a purple state with an openly gay Governor (purple is a great color!).

Politics and Environment

Reading more of those Facebook posts, I noticed some people complaining about the smokey summers and impact on the environment of forest fires and ever warmer summers. All true. But big picture, the greater concern for me would be the politics of oil.

Boulder County has a strong anti-fracking position. This is good news for those thinking about moving out to Colorado. Fracking can cause all sorts of environmental issues. From light pollution (the wells run 24/seven) to noise. Being anywhere near a fracking site is loud.

So when you choose less crowded Weld County, you might also find more fracking and environment issues. Something to consider when making your move to the Rocky Mountains!

Spiritual Sanctity

Get out to the Great Outdoors. For those who do make the trek to Colorado, you will be rewarded with plenty of great activities outside. Winter wonderland here welcomes skiers and snow sports. Summertime, there are 14’ers to hike and bike plus plenty of trails to wander.

Most cities boast bike paths and there are great opportunities to get involved with local sports leagues. Crossfit seems super popular, it’s as if there is a gym on every block.

And if for no other reason, here in Boulder Colorado, we boast 300 days of sunshine a year. I’m suprised you would be thinking of moving to anywhere other than Colorado!

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