Tods Espresso Cafe Serves Gunbarrel Excellent Cappuccino

inside tods espresso cafe
Danielle is one of the Baristas at Tods Espreso Cafe in Gunbarrel aka Northeast Boulder


Northeast Boulder AKA Gunbarrel

I didn’t name the area, so don’t shoot me.  Northeast Boulder is commonly referred to as Gunbarrel.  The area is home to a widely diverse number of businesses.   Lockheed Martin, Crispin Porter — the ad agency, IBM and more.  Serving this area are a handful of coffee shops, most notably being Tods Espresso Cafe.  This shop is special for the way it makes coffee, the products it sells and its overall cleanliness. It is  also special for being one of only a few coffee shops in this neck of the woods.

The Secret To A Man’s Heart

Part of the appeal for Tods Espresso Cafe is a focus on serving delicious and locally produced food.  Jessie and Danielle quickly describe all the local connections.  The burritos are locally made. So are many of the pastries and snacks. Healthy and gluten free options abound.  A cooler case offers a wide variety of delectable drinks.  The staff think one or two of the drinks may not be local.

Fair Trade Coffee Beans

The heart and soul of the hop is roasted Fair Trade Conscious Coffee.  I didn’t realize it, but Coffee is grown seasonally. Farmers are working their crop all year for one harvest.   The harvest time is not the same in all countries, so Conscious Coffee has a steady stream of fresh beans shipping to Boulder Colo.

menu board
Colorful menu of espresso, tea and coffee drinks at Tods Espresso Cafe at 6558 Lookout Road, Boulder Co 80301

The green beans arrive in burlap sacks.  Some are immediately roasted while others are stored in airtight containers to prolong freshness into the off-season.   Conscious Coffee has a relationship with its farmers, working with the same farms each year.

Special Requests Welcome

drinks case
Burritos and Drinks Case at Tods Espresso Cafe

Tods Espresso uses the locally roasted coffee.   I have a cappuccino today — it is fantastic.   The staff is more than willing to accommodate my request to add sugar to the bottom of the cup before pouring in the hot espresso and steamed milk.  Everyone is super friendly here and we get to chatting  That’s when I learn a secret about the shop.

A Not So secret Secret At Tods Espresso Cafe

Cleanliness.  Not once, but twice a day, the staff takes pride in wiping down the counter tops and cleaning everything in the coffee shop. This is not the norm, some popular shops cannot be relied upon to even clean once a day.   But cleanliness is part of what the shop believes in.

Great People Make Great Coffee

Here are two of the great employees in Tods Espresso Cafe in their own words talking about the NE Boulder coffee shop.  Check it out:


Wifi is available, check the board to the right of the register for the access code of the day.  Tods Espresso Cafe is located at 6558 Lookout Rd., Boulder, CO 80301.  The phone # is (303) 527-1000.  Hours of operation are: Weekdays 6 am to 6 pm; Saturday 6;30 am to 6 pm and Sunday 7 am to 5 pm.  Tods has a great vibe inside plus additional tables outside. I highly recommend you check it out.

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