Top 5 Boulder Trailheads

Comfortable Trail Hiking

Boulder open space offers plenty of grueling workouts if you are seeking that.  There are also some very comfortable walking trails throughout the county and city open space programs.  Join me for a stroll through the Top 5 Boulder Trailheads.   These hikes are comfortable in sandals – except for the occasional pesky pebble.  Many are pet and bicycle friendly. In no particular order:

  1. I love the views found at Dry Creek Trailhead.  This area is located on Baseline Road, just west of 75th.  My favorite is the spectacular mountain views over The Baseline Reservoir with the Flatirons in the background. 
  2. Mountain bikers love it and hikers will find it offers plenty of space to walk.  Coalton Trailhead is located in Superior, near Rock Creek.  Cyclists like the trail for access to an older, legendary ride called Bismark.  Hikers will appreciate the views, varied wildlife and interconnection to other trails along the way.
  3. Wanaka Lake in Lafayette offers a spectacular and casual 1.2 mile loop.  Plenty of people watching as you’ll see casual cyclists, men and women fighting aging running fast miles, kids poking around the lake and children giggling as you pass the playground area.  On warm days, the lake is popular with peddle powered boats.  In the winter months, the breeze over the lake is cool and the views are awesome.  
  4. Teller Farm is just that – a farm.  We love the views of dappled horses grazing along a lake with the mountains in the background.   Cows graze in this area and can occasionally block your path. We found this out firsthand.  Easy access, feels like the county, but owned by the City of Boulder.
  5. Sharing a name with a subdivision, the Rock Creek Open Space trailhead is nowhere near Rock Creek.  But once you find this gem, you’ll be back. Level walking trails, plenty of birds to view (from Raptors soaring high to blackbirds in a tree singing like crazy).  We enjoyed the vies, solitude and wonderful endless open fields on all sides.

boulder trailhead
Kiosk with information as you arrive at the Coalton Trailhead in Rock Creek, one of the top 5 Boulder trailheads
Enjoying the Rock Creek trailhead in Boulder. Great views and we saw a lot of wildlife
Enjoying the Rock Creek trailhead in Boulder. Great views and we saw a lot of wildlife
horses grazing at teller farm
Lovely view of wild? horses grazing under the mountains at Teller Farm trailhead
Wanaka Lake with mountains in background
Purple Mountains are snow capped as seen from Wanaka Lake on October 6, 2013


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