Top 5 Real Estate Apps

Entrepreneurs Luv Loopnet

Thinking about starting a business or making a change to your commercial space? One of the top real estate apps out there is Loopnet, geared specifically to business people. Great platform for finding commercial real estate.

Whether you hope to open your new cannabis shop or find the perfect locale for an upcoming post Covid-19 dining spot, Loopnet is the application to help you find your next commercial space.

Recently assisted a commercial client who found the property using Loopnet. Great source of listings for the pubic. What we found, taking a deepr dive using the Realtor MLS is that for that specific property, the price was out of line with the market when doing an analysis on the Multiple Listing Service.

There are some great Apps out there to start your home search as well. Redfin and are two popular national options. Does this mean you’ll ultimately use an agent from one of these applications? Not necessarily. I think a lot of real estate is still referral based. These real estate apps are popular for ease of use.

XYZ Zillow Top Real Estate App

Most everyone knows the one app that just a few years ago was still an unusual name. Zillow is a popular online tool for looking at real estate. Buyer beware though. In their effort to have the most properties for sale, their pre-foreclosure list and tendency to list “under contract” listings as available can be frustrating.

All The Pretty Pictures

Houzz is a great website for getting ideas of what you want in a home or want to do your home or just to imagine your perfect home. Filled with photos of houses furnished and decorated and whatnot, this is a great site to lose yourself in.

Who knows, you may come up with the dream list of features, so that when you do actually get into houses for sale, you know exactly what you are looking for!

Runner up would be Pinterest. Great site to curate your list of favorite feature photographs.

Snap A Photo Of Your Next Home

HomeSnap is a creative App that allows you to photograph any house and then instantly get loads of helpful information. Industry see this one as giving Zillow a run for the money.

You can search like a real estate agent, creating a custom search area. Or set alerts so you find out when a new house comes to the market. The HomeSnap tool can help you cut through the clutter of unavailable listings so you are just looking at truly available homes for sale.


One of my go-to apps on the Realtor side of things. DocuSign is an excellent online electronic app for signatures. Back in the day everything was by fax or in person. Some days I would loan out fax machines to clients.

These days, signing is much simpler. CTM contracts and DocuSign are two wonderful real estate apps that really make it simpler to get your home sold.

Mortgage Calculators Abound

There are a number of good apps out there to help with calculating a home mortgage payment. As a first step, running some simple numbers is a good way to judge your comfort zone. Don’t forget to add in property taxes and insurance. And know that mortgage lenders subtract debt and other obligations from your overall ability to purchase.

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