Trails At Coal Creek Annual Meeting

“This is not how we usually handle things.”

That’s an understatement. It used to be the neighborhood would meet in person to have this annual meeting, but this year, with covid-19 and all, we are meeting online.

The rep from MSI tells us she is surprised and impressed by the crowd of folks here. About a third of our entire Home Owner’s Association has shown up.

Big Thank You To Outgoing Board Members

Joy and Rachel are rotating off the board. They’ve been fantastic members of the board. I live next door to Joy & Eric – they are great neighbors. There are four new applicants for the three available board member positions.

Looks like our four possible new board members at Greg Trippe, Suzanne Fujita (north side), Vanessa Bonner and Patrick Davidson (south side). Good luck everyone.

Depending upon how you look at it, one of you will be lucky enough to get all the accolades for volunteering and none of the work as you won’t be on the board.

Annual Budget Review

The board and MSI took some time to discuss the budget. A Budget Reserve Study was completed. That resulted in more funds being set aside for future issues. Some members wondered if we could put this money to work earning a better return into the future.

The board took the time to explain that some expenses are on a short, two year cycle. And imho, while the amount of money in reserves seems like a lot, should our HOA need to make a major repair, its really not that much.

Watch For New Board Member Voting

Owners will be receiving the new board nominees to vote. So watch your mailboxes. Sounded like this might come through email as well. It’s one vote per household.

Official Trails at Coal Creek Website – not dot com!

Best moment has to go our HOA manager’s daughter, running into the screen shot to let her mom know the movie had ended. Aw, that was cute. We’ve all been there this year!

In Other News

Jersey Mike’s subs opened up. Over by the Sprouts store. Really good customer service and tasty sandwiches.

The real estate market remains incredibly strong. If you are thinking of selling, please give me a shout. Demand is off the charts for our community and I can generate a strong response to your home, potentially with multiple better than full price offers. Just placed a house in Lafayette under contract in four days in fact!

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