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Fall 2020 – September Trails At Coal Creek BUZZ update

Thanks for checking back in to the Buzz, a Trails at Coal Creek publication from resident Realtor Bob Gordon. It’s been a heckuva summer with social distancing and masks and pretty much everything turned on its head.

At one point there was debate about swimming pools coming to the community. We managed to have a wonderful 4th of July complete with parades, balloons and firetrucks.

Looking forward into the Fall, our Facebook page has been lit up with conversations and polls around Halloween. As of now, the prevailing thought is to have the holiday for the kids and find a way to do it while responsibly socially distancing.

Our community just published a very helpful newsletter. Be sure to check it out, it’s loaded with great info:

And all the while, we have seen a robust real estate market in our neighborhood. Houses continue to come to market and sell in short order.

Landscaping Dominates Trails At Coal Creek In The Summer of 2020

At least, on the north side, I think this was a summer dominated by landscaping projects. There were the neighbor down the street in either direction working on basement remodels. But far and away, the most common sight this year has been landscaping. A popular improvement seems to be adding a berm along the front yard. I’ve seen several versions of this.

Ourselves, in lieu of a berm, we added a weaving, wavy dry riverbed between our home and our neighbors. They chose the river rock and our landscaper Tello came up with a neat design. Behind all of that pretty landscaping is a functional French Drain to handle water issues.

TACC Board of Directors

  • President: Michael L. Rosen
  • Vice President: Timothy Bertola
  • Secretary: Vanessa Bonner
  • Treasurer: Rachel Gordon (no relation)
  • Board Member: Joy Knox (Great next door neighbor!)

Spring Update 2020

The big news for the prior quarter was the builder completing the final house in the Trails At Coal Creek subdivision.  Which I completely get.  Holy cow, we listened to hammering and sawing and dirt moving for ages.  Even worse for me – I lived another community over — in Whispering Meadows — when construction started at TACC. 

So I also heard/watched as the field was transformed into a construction site and the infrastructure was installed and then houses were built.

But, regardless of when you decided to call the Trails at Coal Creek home, the big news is that the builder finally finished building new construction homes and shortly there will only be resale properties for sale.    I’m not a 100% certain, but I don’t think we’ve crossed that threshold yet wherein there are no brand new never lived in houses for sale in the community.

Spoiler Alert: the 2020 Trails at Coal Creek Garage Sale is tentatively set for Saturday May 9th.

This newsletter will update every ninety days with a combination of the latest news and most up to date pricing data for the community.  So be sure to check back often for the most recent posts.  Or you can always contact me for a specific property.  Over my two and half decade career, I’ve helped numerous home buyers and home selling clients just like you.

Trails at Coal Creek Homes Quarterly Update

The fourth quarter of 2019 saw seven home sales in The Trails At Coal Creek homes subdivision.  Most of these sales were – no surprise – by the home builder.  Meritage accounted for six of the seven 4th quarter sales in the Trails At Coal Creek subdivision last Fall.  Here’s a breakdown of the sales’ data:

sales data for the fourth quarter in trails at coal creek listing out seven homes that sold with price listing agent and more

Resale Home Sells For Less

For me this was the first stat to jump off the page.  But, it needs to be taken in context.  The first six home sales represent builder transactions.  There was a base price reflecting the location, model and lot size of the house.  Probably also any design center upgrades pre-selected by the builder’s team.  And then there would have been buyer selected upgrades.  This is one of the neat features of purchasing a new home, you can select upgrades as you go.

Meritage Homes had a super pretty Design Center.  I was there. I can honestly admit, it was difficult to stay on point.  There was just a plethora of neat options for each house.  By contrast, the last property in the table above, 634 Stage Station was a resale. The house was listed at the highest possible outcome price and then sold for market value. Or, in other words, it is totally normal that the house sold for less than full price.

That table is pretty tiny on a computer and likely miniature on your cellular phone.  So check out the data here with pictures and more.  This is a listing of all transactions for the past year. 

kitchen with granite island but o refrigerator at the trails at coal creek

What Sets This Community Apart

Great Facebook community page run by three Go-Getters. You can find all sorts of great information on the community page.  New owners are always asking questions of the community – sort of an organic FAQ.   There is a great social scene too.  Over the holidays, if you spotted a pink Flamingo in the yard of a neighbor, it was a low tech code alerting you to an upcoming cocktail hour.  Good fun!

This neighborhood also abuts Coal Creek Trail. It’s common to see parents cycling to school with their children — Ryan Elementary is just around the corner.  Weekends the path really comes alive with activity.  I appreciate it because it makes for good cycling fun. 

Check back for updates. I know my next quarterly update will be filled with resale information.  Even as I’m writing this blog, there are three homes for sale in The Trails At Coal Creek – two under contract and a third active as of today.   Give me a shout to set a showing on any active property or to discuss your home selling needs. ~ Bob

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Visit to see all homes sold in the community for the prior 365 days. This webpage updates automatically. Plus read about the Coal Creek Trail – it has so much to offer all year long.  Or search for homes for sale in Lafayette with this comprehensive search page!  Or read about the newest commercial construction near our neighborhood: 1050 S Boulder Road’s newest medical facility. 

rear exterior shot of 1050 s boulder rd west medical buiilding
You may recognize this building from behind if you use Minotaur Circle to depart the Trails at Coal Creek for South Boulder Road on the north side of the community.