Trails At Coal Creek Traffic

Coal Creek field
Trails at Coal Creek traffic impacts open space, public access to Coal Creek and adds three intersections to 1 mile strip of Hwy 287


Responsible Development

An important part of community growth is responsible housing developments. We need quality housing for families in Lafayette. There is strong demand for new residential development in Lafayette.  It is important that developers take the time to consider impacts on schools, wildlife and people.  The Trails at Coal Creek traffic impact will be important for the builder to consider. 

Lafayette residents not directly next door need to know: Trails at Coal Creek traffic will impact your quality of life too!

Hwy 287 and Trails at Coal Creek traffic

The developer, Carlson Land Development, is proposing not one but three (3) entrances onto Hwy 287 for the The Trails at Coal Creek.  These accesses will require a number of Acceleration and Deceleration lanes.   The project’s Phase I will also feed over one hundred and fifty additional families in and out of the Centaur/Minotaur area.  A dedicated street will be opened up that now serves as drainage ditch (and saved numerous homes from flooding).

A Closer Look at Hwy 287

Three intersections are proposed in close proximity on Hwy 287.  Starting from the north and heading south, the first intersection is a “right-in, right-out only” turn lane for Phase I of The Trails at Coal Creek.  The second is called a 3/4 loop.  This intersection will allow northbound Hwy 287 traffic to make a left hand turn into the community.  There will be no northbound egress for The Trails at Coal Creek traffic. 

The third intersection will be an expansion of the existing traffic light at  S Public Road.  That light will go from a 3-way to a 4-way.  A bus stop may be added into this mix as well.  So what are the risks?

Risks and Concerns for Hwy 287 Trails at Coal Creek traffic

All of these intersections will require acceleration and deceleration lanes.  As a result, the median will narrow and the bike paths will be reduced from ten feet wide to four feet wide.  Cyclists take note: this southbound route along Hwy 287 will become very dangerous with motorists rapidly accelerating!

Trails at Coal Creek traffic will reduce biking lane from 10 feet shoulder to a mere 4 feet shoulder.  Riders will face three acceleration lanes and a potential bus stop while navigating a mere 4 foot shoulder.

Impact of The Trails at Coal Creek Traffic to existing Lafayette

Neighbors at Autumn Meadows can expect a dramatic increase in stop and go engine noise with the new community.  Whispering Meadows will have a previously dedicated street activated.   Interestingly, the developer is NOT providing a similar street dedication for the new community to connect to future development.  Why not?

The new neighborhood will have a major impact on traffic near Whispering Meadows, The Village and Village II town homes, Minotaur Village, Centaur Village and surrounding areas. Moderate to High density housing will add thousands of daily vehicle trips to this area.  A traffic light may be required on Minotaur Drive to accommodate pedestrians, school children and drivers.

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Carlson Land Development (the builder)

Jansen Strawn Consulting Engineers (the builder’s engineer)

Norris Design (the applicant for the new development)

Save the date: Wednesday, October 23rd, is your opportunity to provide public feedback to the Planning Commission.  For details click here.  Update 10/24/2013 – Lafayette Planning Commission approves sketch over vociferous citizen objections. Details here.

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