Trident Cafe Cappuccino

interior trident cafe cappuccinno and bookstore
Look closely and you’ll see a table, hidden in the back corner inside Trident Cafe Cappuccino

Locals know.  Weekdays most foot traffic at this iconic spot in Boulder is all local. Weekends, a few tourists will wander in. The Trident Cafe Cappuccino shop has quietly been making solid java drinks for as long as I can remember.

Up front is a non assuming brew station. It looks like a tight fit for the lone barista working when I visit the other day. She tells me the day is flying by. Until she actually looks at her watch and realizes it has only been an hour. Then she laughs and adds she never thought she would be here three years after having started.

The next person steps forward and the barista calls him by name. Trident Cafe Cappuccino is a comfortable spot to relax where your barista is going to remember your name, your favorite drink and share an honest welcoming conversation with you.

front door trident cafe
Old-school inviting entry into Trident.

Wood Brick Books

Inside the Trident, step back in Boulder’s history. With all the change going on along the Pearl Street Mall, its refreshing to step into a building that hasn’t changed in twenty years. I remember when the the only other coffee shop in town was Penny Lane – long since replaced by a cycle shop.

Trident Cafe is unaltered. Real hardwood floors, brick walls, tall ceilings greet the eye. Divided into two large spaces, one half of the cafe is a full bookstore. Find a difficult to locate title here. The knowledgeable staff is apt to be perusing a novel. The other side of the business is focused on the brewing market and plenty of tables – inside and out.

inside boulder coffee shop
Worn wooden floors meet softened brick. Plenty of diverse seating for a conversation or bit of work. Trident Cafe Cappuccino has a loyal Locals flavor.

Conversations and Computers

A quick glance tells me on any given day you are as apt to find compatriots in deep conversation or studiously focused on a laptop computer. Trident Cafe Cappuccino offers plenty of seating options. Out front there are a handful of tables, under a protective awning. Enjoy your latte on a raining day outside without getting soaked.

Wonder what else is nearby? Newer to our community is a fantastic juice bar renowned for fresh Nut Milk and healthy drinks.  Also a few doors down is Jax Fish House, another longtime Boulder eatery that really hasn’t succumbed to change over the years.

trident cafe cappuccino menu and barista bar
The not-so-big barista station feels crowded for the single barista on duty

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