Wanaka Lake Park

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sign/entrance to wanaka lake park
Wanaka Lake Park

Boulder is big on parks and open space. A wide variety of parks dot the county.  Wanaka Lake Park is a gem.  The lake is encircled by a 1.2 mile walking path.    Walking is a misnomer.  Frequently you’ll find cyclists, joggers, moms with strollers and seniors slowly strolling on this quiet path.

Citizens routinely fund bond and tax initiatives for the purchase, maintenance and improvement of parks and open space.  Open space is a wonderful aspect of Boulder. It is undeveloped land, used as a buffer to development, parks and hiking.  Some open space areas are farmed while others are just beautiful.

Family Fun At Wanaka Lake Park

Playground at Wanaka Lake Park
Playground at Wanaka Lake Park

The Wanaka Lake Park is for all ages.  Toddlers and younger children will enjoy the extensive playground with distinct age appropriate play ares and the ubiquitous swings that are a hallmark of fun.  Park benches are sprinkled about for Mom and Dad to relax while the kids play.   Nearby is a covered picnic shelter.  Reservations recommended (site).

The shelter and grills are great for hosting a family bbq or high school graduation.  A handful of steps off is the Boat House.  On a recent weekend, I saw several colorful and fanciful paddle boats. Two shaped like giant Flamingos and one resembling a pirate ship.

Basketball court at Wanaka Lake Park
Basketball court at Wanaka Lake Park

A basketball court is also located near the children’s area, though it is not in line of sight.

Find a spot along shore and cast a line to fish.  Keep an eye out for nesting birds of prey. We have seen hawks and eagles in this area previously.  The trail is popular with dog walking as well.

Wanaka Lake Park 1.2 Mile Circuit Trail

With a variety of exercise stations looping around the lake, enjoy the the 1.2 mile circuit.  This broad trail is paved in crushed stone and is easy to walk/run upon.  In stretches you’ll be bordered by light woods, prairie or the lake.  We always find the walk at Wanaka Lake Park enjoyable.

open space
Open space and public parks are a big part of the culture in the Boulder Colorado area


Housing Around The Area

There are myriad housing opportunities near this park, with sundry pricing opportunities.  These areas include:

  • wanaka landing
    Wanaka Landing

    90’s built Baseline 40; contemporary homes in the low to mid 300’s featuring 2100 to 3100 square feet, two or three garage.  Located to the northeast of park.

  • Centaur Village; this community dates to the 1970’s.  Enjoy gorgeous mature trees, nice sized lots and curving streets.  This is the largest subdivision surrounding Wanaka Lake Park.  A myriad of floor plans including Bi-Levels, Tri-Levels, ranches and some two story homes.  Homes are predominately priced in the entry level 200K range up to the mid three hundreds.
  • A portion of the McStain developed Indian Peaks is located on the outskirts of the park area.
  • Wanaka Landing. Nineties construction with 4000 total square feet.  Listings are marketed in the Four Hundred to Six Hundred Thousand Dollar range.  This is a very desirable area of Lafayette, with a portion of homes abutting Wanaka Lake Park or open space.
  • Waters Edge.  1980’s town house community 200 meters from Wanaka.  Entry level pricing and well located for easy access to Olde Town to East or a quick commute to Boulder.
trails at wanaka landing
Wanaka Landing trails connect to Lafayette’s Wanaka Lake Park
children's playground boulder colo
The children’s playground at Wanaka Lake Park is a lot of fun



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