Waneka Lake

Beautiful Lafayette Waneka Lake Park

With the recent sunny weather, we ventured out for a walk today to Waneka Lake.  There is something magical about this park that is beloved by young and old alike.  During our walk, we encountered all sorts of different individuals.  Cyclists, joggers, moms with strollers , runners, families and seniors slowly strolling all taking in a gorgeous view.

waneka lake with foothills in background
The Boat House at Waneka Lake Park, Lafayette Colorado with the Colorado Rockies in the background


Highlights on a sunny weekend stroll

Notably, there was the tiny tot out for a walk with her mom.  She waved and said “hi” from 2 feet away. So I waved back and said “hi” to her.  This delighted the little child, although 20 feet later, I had to wave and call out “goodbye…” so she would start walking with her parents.

A little further around Waneka Lake, I watched a woman wrestling with her 100 pound golden retriever. The dog was dead set on having a swim in the inviting water.  The woman was frantically saying, “no. No. No swimming today.” Her dog managed to pull her down the embankment before she got a little leverage and momentarily stopped the dog.  I kept walking around the lake as this pet owner was inches away from getting soaked herself.

Playground at Wanaka Lake Park
Playground at Waneka Lake Park

You will find just about everyone enjoying Lafayette Waneka Lake.  There is an extensive, and slightly controversial Disc Golf course looping the park.  A wonderful children’s playground and covered picnic area lies close to ample parking.  Workout stations dot the dirt path offering areas for pullups, rope climbing and more.  A basketball court is discreetly located along one edge of the park too.

Waneka Lake Features

  • waneka lake disc golf hole
    One of the Waneka Lake Disc Golf “Holes.”
    Disc Golf
  • Picnic Shelters (reservations recommended, 303-665-4206)
  • Summer Boathouse (paddle boat rentals)
  • Children’s playground structures
  • Catch and release fishing
  • Basketball court
  • Walking trail with benches and fitness stations — depending upon your idea of relaxation
  • The 1.2 mile loop trail circles Waneka Lake
  • 147 acres of suburban wildlife refuge

Summers Paddle Boat

Summertime you may notice a giant pink swan on the lake. Its a paddle boat.  The sort where you peddle like mad and guide your craft about the lake.  Rent canoes and various water craft at the Boat House (bathrooms, limited snack bar) Catch and release fishing is available as well.  There seem to be more than a few favorite fishing spots.  Walk about and you’ll discover a dock overlooking a quiet marsh, numerous trail accesses into nearby neighborhoods and plenty of beautiful views.  Waneka Lake Park is far and away one of the most relaxing and beautiful open space areas in Boulder County.

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