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Are you an Optimist or Pessimist?

remodeled kitchen
remodeled kitchen in my client’s new home. Note attention to detail: crown molding along ceiling, new cabinets also with molding, glass tile back splash.

The pessimists out there see our weekly Boulder home sales down and housing market caving in, slowing to a crawl.   They shout about extended days on market stats and will point to an article this week in the Denver Post that suggests Colorado real estate slowed massively in the final quarter of 2013.  Here is a link to that pessimistically titled article.

Why the negative? It is true the ski resort markets are lagging. But since when do home sales in Aspen have anything to do with weekly Boulder home sales gains?   And it is true the market was not as fast in the fourth quarter as the first three.  But our weekly Boulder home sales stayed strong and the fourth quarter saw an overall statewide average gain of better than 5%.

The Future Is So Bright, I’ve Got To Wear Shades

JM home buyer, part of the weekly boulder home sales
part of the weekly Boulder home sales I track includes helping my client JM find her new home. Here she is on the back deck of her new place

So perhaps when it comes to real estate, you are an optimist, like me.  I do believe we are in a run up.  The local data suggests this.  Looking at weekly Boulder home sales I’m noticing affordable Boulder homes are a tad pricier than a year ago.  And the million dollar market is alive and active.

Reasons to be an optimist include: the stock market is way up over the last year.  Fed tapering has begun and home buyers are still purchasing houses.  Another DP article, also published this week, points out that nationwide, sales edged up one percent in December.  The country, as a whole – is up.

Great news:  nationwide housing market gains 1% in December 2013.  

Taking a second look at the DP story, it breaks Colorado into regions.  Denver saw explosive growth: residential real estate sales were up 16.8% for 2013.  Boulder weekly home sales attributed to our region gaining at the fastest pace in the fourth quarter of 2013, in Colorado: 9.9%.

Think about it, winter is generally the slowest segment of the local market.  And yet, during the holidays – Halloween to Thanksgiving to New Years Eve, our market gained nearly 10%.  Wow.

Combine all the winners and losers in the state and overall Q4 2013 had a positive 5.3% upswing in median price. Not as strong as the average for all of 2013.   (Pessimists gloat here, optimists counter we are UP every month of 2013).

Affordable Boulder Homes

2634 Tabriz Pl Boulder, 80304 is the very definition.  This single family Boulder home closed this week for full price at  $214,975.  I’ve placed the listing in my weekly MLS Boulder home sales update page here.   It is IRES MLS #: 722602.  If the price seems too good to be true, it is because it is part of the Permanently Affordable program – read more on that here.  Search all permanently affordable homes in Boulder now.

weekly Boulder home sales: most expensive sold

2120 Pine Street, Boulder –  captivating Victorian home in Boulder’s Whittier community.  Designed and built by Coburn Development and a mere 3 doors East of Whittier School.  Sold for full price at  $789,900.

View this weeks high and low home sales here.

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