What is A Home Buyer Inspection

As a buyer, a home inspection report provides a better understanding of your new home! Think of the inspection as operating instructions. You will find out how well maintained the house is. And what, if any repairs, to budget for in the future. A home inspection provides a 3rd party expert opinion on condition. This could impact your purchasing decision. Before the inspector arrives, make a list of things you definitely need checked. Keeping in mind the foundation, roof, electrical panel, plumbing fixtures are all common items that will be reviewed. Be present at the inspection so you can find out as much as you possibly can about your new house. Ask about anything that concerns you, and feel free to take notes and photographs In Colorado, it is common to inspect for Radon. It is an odorless colorless gas. High radon can be a health concern. Inspectors are mainly concerned with physical components. Some aspects of the home may be left out, like: lawn sprinklers, rodent problems and bad neighbors. An inspection is one of several investigations you may do on your new house. For instance, your Inspector may discover problems that need further investigation. Additional inspections may be necessary to check for asbestos, mold, moisture or structural. As a buyer, don’t let a thorough inspection report overly impact your home buying decisions. A good inspection report will be detailed. It is important that you truly understand the inspection and the terms of the negotiations with sellers. A trusted real estate agent, say: Bob Gordon, will help you through the inspection process. A good outcome is getting the seller to address real issues and staying on target to be in your new home!

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