What NOT to Do when Selling your home

What not to do when Selling your home? Poor photographs and/or not editing the order can be deal killers.


Congrats: Your home is for sale

It is an exciting moment when you place your house up for sale.  Here are seven suggestions of what What NOT to Do when Selling your home.  Topping of the list, resist the urge to over price your property.  This can be really challenging.  Perhaps you’ve heard how fast the market is, how values are climbing.  Be cautious;  incorrectly priced houses can get stuck on the market or worse, sell below market value after sitting for too long.

Cooking up a storm

Another solid suggestion for what not to Do when Selling your home is making extravagant dinners or foods with strong aromas, such as bacon, at any time of the day.  Strong aromas can be a turn off to buyers.  Bacon can splatter grease making your home less clean.  Consider take-out and dinners out when you first list your home.   Promptly empty the trash in case your home gets a spur of the moment showing set.  There will be plenty of time to cook in your new home.  You may even want to start packing your kitchen.

Failing to disclose

Remember, disclose early and often.   This protects your best interests.  You don’t want to withhold important information from the future owner.   Colorado requires disclosure of certain  conditions including Lead Based Paint, Meth, Mold and a general overview of the property.  What not to do when Selling your home? Try hiding an issue. When the buyer finds out – and they always do – it will cost more in legal fees than just disclosing it up front.

Stay for Showings

One of the last things of What NOT to Do when Selling your home is stick around for showings.  Give the buyers a chance to see your house, minus you.  Their buyer’s agent will chaperone them while in your property.  Leaving for showings will encourage buyers to linger and fall in love with your home.  Related item. Never, ever turn down showings.  Even the ones on short notice.  Buying a home is emotional.  That buyer that suddenly wants to see could be your Buyer!  So let her (or him) in on short notice (with the buyer’s agent).

Remember to put away your prized collection/s. The buyers want to see the house, not your stuff.


Leave the cleaning for tomorrow

Don’t put off house cleaning. It is important to have your house ready for showings, on a moment’s notice.   Promptly do the dishes, run the vacuum, have the windows professionally cleaned.  Buyers will see all the dirt you never notice, so consider having your house professionally cleaned before it ever goes on the market – and then keep it clean.

What NOT to Do when Selling your home: Skip a mortgage payment

Even if your home is closing shortly, always make your house payment.  The last thing you want is a delay in the closing combined with you skipping a mortgage payment to affect your credit rating.

And The # 1 Thing NOT to do

Don’t go cheap on the photography.  In today’s competitive #BoulderColorado home market, be certain to use professional photography.  The cost is quite reasonable.  Sure, everyone has a camera in their mobile phone, but you want the best pictures out there.  Why? With 93% of home buyers starting their search online, you want the best photos representing your house.


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