Why Give Me The Job

Hopping up and down on one foot

Well, I’m really seated at my computer, but it sounds better, to say “pick me!” and have a visual of a grey haired guy hopping about on 1 foot in the room.  Hey – I want to win your business.    If you know me already, you know I’m a hard worker and solid negotiator.  If you just stopped by for the first time, I have good marketing skills and am committed to helping clients get the best outcome, buying or selling residential real estate.

I Want To Compete For Your Business.   So why should you work with me as your Realtor?

True Story

So the other day, I was introduced to a potential new client.  I thought for sure I had a good chance at the business, because I had done a great job for the person passing along the referral.   By great job I mean:


  1. We beat out cash offers.  My client, she needed financing.  And…
  2. Since closing, her place has gone up over 25% in value in one year (much better than the 14% gain Boulder experienced.  And…
  3. I went above and beyond in helping my client out.  I even got her previous home rented, a requirement for her new financing.

But then I was reminded of those terribly true words.

Every One Knows a Gazillion Realtors

But let’s face it, people do know a lot of agents in this day and age.  So, I have to earn every client I get.  I’m okay with this.  I work hard for my clients.  Frequently, I take the line  from the Colorado Buyer agency contract to heart.  It’s about , “putting your interests ahead of my own.”   That specific language is in the Buyer Agency agreement.

I’m the Realtor that’s going to point out the worst flaw on a house when you fall in love with some features.

For instance, recently showed this beautiful older Denver Square to a long time client. It was on the intersection of two busy streets. He was okay with that, loved the layout and the price point. I felt it was incumbent upon me to point out there was also a bus stop sign next to the side of this house.  Just above the master bedroom windows.  That was a deal breaker.  Seeing that bus stop sign, Jon could suddenly hear an imaginary bus starting and stopping all night long.

Being A Good Agent Means Putting Clients Best Interests First.

That’s putting your client’s best interest ahead of your own to make a sale.   Shortly after that, we found a great home on a quiet street, walking distance to light rail, so it all worked out for Jon and his family.

does not matter how hot is the boulder real estate market bob gordon helps buyers like you find a home
(Above) Stephanie and Josh, closing on their new dream home.

When You Work With Bob Gordon, Your Best Interests Come First

That’s a big part of what sets me apart.  It is why, even in this Seller’s Market I’m showing my clients plenty of homes.  To give them (you!) the best service possible.   So, as you read along, you’ll see I put some items in bold colorful letters.  That’s the quick version.  Read those items and you’ll have a great understanding of why to hire me.    Read the entire post to get the bigger picture.

Dear Home Buyer,

Thank you for taking the time to talk on Tuesday.  Of course, every time I receive a referral from a past client, I hope to give that you new client the best service and work together 

So, why should you pick me?

First and foremost, I do bring value above and beyond the transaction to my clients.  For instance, I had a past client I mentioned above, that needed to lease her existing residence as part of her mortgage financing requirements when she purchased.   I took it upon myself to make this happen.  I placed the marketing advertisements, met perspective tenants – quickly ruling out the bad apples – and took an application on a great tenant.  That guy is still living in the rental,

I rented her existing place on her behalf.  This year I gave her the extension clause she needed.

I provided the marketing, met the prospects, wrote the lease, collected the deposits and rents, credit checked the tenant and turned over a “turn-key” situation to Molly to manage on her own. All free of charge.  A property manager would charge 1/2 to 3/4s of the first month’s rent plus ten to fifteen percent thereafter in fees.  I have a professionally designed lease, not the Boulder model lease which is so prevalent around Boulder.

If you are intending to lease a room or all of your property, I can help you with this process, free of charge, as a client courtesy. 

Second, I’m big on communication.  I’ll keep you well informed throughout the actual transaction. I generally BCC clients on offers and important agent to agent communications.   Expert communications with listing agents when making offers also sets me apart. If you call me before I think to call you – once or twice a week btw – I feel I’m not doing my job.

baby and jonathan and laura clients that followed my boulder first home buyer tips and just closed on their new house

Last year I helped Eric and Laura win out over massive competition on an investment property.  What set us apart is I met Cindy, the listing agent, in person to present the offer.  Our offer went from unbelievably high (at about 10 am) to low and away (at 6 pm that same day).  However, my communication with the listing agent kept the buyer well informed. This was the house they wanted and we improved the offer, eventually winning the bidding war at 11 pm that night.  Had I merely emailed the offer, my clients would not have won the bidding war on that specific house.  This would fall under winning bidding wars with Not the highest or best offer, aka good negotiation skills.

Experience Counts In Sellers Market

Third, I am experienced and knowledgeable.  I have heard plenty of people tell me something similar to your request yesterday — about getting a deal, a lot you can improve, being willing to work together on a one of a kind opportunity.

Here’s the facts: we are 4 years into a Sellers’ Market.  Deals are rare.  Anyone telling you otherwise is doing you a disservice.   Boulder jumped 14% in value in 2016 alone.   When deals do come along, expect competition and such properties to sell for better than full price quickly.

A Specific Example of A Rare Deal

Yesterday,  I sent along the MLS listing yesterday for the house on Norwood that was listed in the five hundred K range and sold for $250,000 over list price.  That is an example of a real deal in Boulder. That property is currently being flipped into a $2,000,000 home.   There were supposedly one hundred offers on that house. Sure, the highest price won out.  But you also have to feel sorry for the dozens of people who made offers closer to list price and didn’t understand the true value of that lot.

miho tanaka takes advantage of low home interest rates to buy her new condo and is pictured alongide trusted realtor bob gordon
Home Buyer Miho took advantage of low home mortgage interest rates and is pictured here with her Realtor Bob Gordon on the deck of her new Boulder condo

Honesty with clients is sharing both the good and bad information.   It is helping protect you in terms of understanding the building rules in Boulder – I do, I wrote an extensive blog on the topic.  I have a good understanding of home values around Boulder.  You can put my knowledge to work, to your advantage, so you better understand a value when you see it. 

That’s My Pitch

That’s my pitch.  I would like to work together.  I would need you to sign a Buyer Agency agreement.  This does two things. Yep, it protects my working relationship, that I’ll earn a commission.  The commission is offered by the seller 99% of the time, so this is not going to be an issue.  But, it does say if I do 3 important things:

Represent your best interests.  Seek your price and terms.  Notify of you any material defects in a house or contract I’m actually aware of. 

And you deserve to have an executed buyer agency – it’s in your best interests.  Too many agents skip this until the home is under contract.  I’m up front about working relationships.  Your benefit is you are getting expert advice and representation.  You deserve to have an agent working on your behalf, full time, to get the job done.   I think, with everything I bring to the table, I don’t need to jump around on one foot after all.  I think my track record of happy clients speaks volumes.  I look forward to getting to work on your behalf now.

Bob Gordon

Bob Gordon, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway

ABR – Accredited Buyer Representative

CRSCertified Residential Specialist

GRIGraduate Realtor Institute

Direct: 303-443-3334


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