Boulder Home Warranty

jellyfishThis just came up in a conversation with a home buyer.  She is wondering, does she require a Boulder home warranty when purchasing her home?  Good question.  Warranties can add value.  Home warranties can also be considered an expense.  This post examines the Boulder home warranty and whether it is a good fit for you.

What Is A Home Protection Plan?

In Boulder home warranty companies offer a service to safeguard you (the buyer) from breakage that may occur with some systems in the house.  The coverage can be renewed annually.  Frequently, sellers will offer the coverage or agree to it as part of the purchase price.  In Boulder home warranty coverage adds peace of mind to the purchase of your home.

 Who Needs A Home Warranty Plan

Warranty companies will tell you everyone needs there coverage. However, IMHO, warranties are not for everyone.  Do you purchase warranties on purchases like your mobile phone, vacuum cleaner or DVD player? If so, a home warranty is probably your thing.  Personally, I would rather budget to replace my items and the same goes for my home.

What Is The Cost of a Boulder home warranty plan

Prices vary. Several different firms offer warranties in Boulder. The most prevalent are American Home Shield and Blue Ribbon.   It is a good idea to compare coverages and premiums when considering a home warranty.  Plans are more expensive when covering the furnace, for instance.  Consider also the annual renewal cost of any program you select.

 In Boulder Home Warranty Coverage Varies

No two policies are identical when it comes to home protection.  Some policies cover the furnace and air conditioner. Others charge a premium to add this coverage.   The polices are designed to cover normal wear and tear and for some elements of the property require an inspection.  Breakage and misuse are generally not covered.

 How Your Boulder  Home Protection Program Works

Once you close on your home, when a problem arises, contact your Boulder home warranty company. Much like health insurance, they will collect a fee and send one of their technicians out to review the issue.  Provided it qualifies under the terms of the warranty, the issue will then be repaired or replaced, at the sole discretion of the warranty company.  Of course, like any warranty, the company responsible for the service may not deliver to your satisfaction. This is one of the risks with a home protection plan.  IMHO, a Boulder home warranty sounds like a good idea, but rarely pays for itself.


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