Best Boulder BBQ Joint

Regional characters create a good ole down home bbq competition.  There are influences from Kansas City and Texas and just about everywhere in between.  Some are locally grown, others national, but all boast to being on the best Boulder bbq joint’s list.  Not every spot on the list is actually in town.  Hopefully that’s okay with you fine readers.   For me, when it comes to finding the best smoked meat, I’m willing to do a little driving to find that special purveyor.

Wayne’s Smoke Shack

IMHO, the ultimate is Wayne’s Smoke Shack is the top culinary artist for local Boulder bbq joint.  The crew follows a traditional Texas style.  The shop opens at 11:30 am and closes when they sell out.  So if you really want delicious traditional Texas style smoked meats, you better show up early.  I’ve been a fan since day one when I stumbled upon this gourmet gem.   Since opening the crowds continue to get bigger, matching the smiles of happy customers and friends.

Want to order some ribs? Tom or Wayne will ask you how many bones you want.  Seeking an option to traditional? Try the smoked bbq fish, some of the best food served up.  There are a variety of sauces, but you won’t feel the need with the succulent rubs already on each meat.  Wide variety of bbq, handful of sides, true Texas character.   Remember, show up early!

Louisville Lulu’s BBQ

From the outside, you might not realize this is a rather big hot spot.  Towards the back is lively bar scene.  Families love the value in this kid friendly Boulder BBQ joint.  On warmer evenings and weekends, check out the yard where you can enjoy a round of Corn Hole before dinner.  Lulu’s BBQ, like Wayne’s, offers great meats, but Lulu’s wins hands down for atmosphere and selection. They have way more menu choices for sides, salads, drinks, and deserts.  And Lulu’s is located on Main Street in stylish downtown Louisville.

KT’s Mephis Style

Locals remember when Kirk and Tricia were operating out of an old house on Arapahoe east of town.  Funny, but true, the landlord for that house took over the lease and tried to capture the bbq business.  That guy failed miserably, while KT’s, a beloved Boulder BBQ joint now boasts locations all over town and in Denver too.   Delicious food, one of my favorites is the key lime pie served in little plastic cups.  Sign up for the club and start earning points towards a free lunch or a pound of tasty ribs.   One of my favorite’s is the Brisket sandwich, Elvis Style.  Cole Slaw and hot links are added, creating something really special.  The June Bowls are also a popular favorite.

Moe’s BBQ by CU Boulder

Chris Pagoria, a CU Boulder student, turned me onto this delectable Boulder bbq joint.  Try the Moe Boy, a cross between a Nawlins style Po’Boy and bbq.  Succulent shrimp, coleslaw all on a roll.  Sandwiches are served with a couple of sides, where as can you get Vanilla Wafers with Banana Cream.

Knock On Wood Food Truck

Zagat Names GQue 1 of the 10 Hottest New Restaurants

Recommended as one of Colorado’s ultimate barbecue spots, this isn’t a Boulder bbq joint; you’ll have to jump on Hwy 36 and head down the  ‘pike a few exits.  For those willing to leave the Republic of Boulder, you’ll be well rewarded for your troubles. GQue offers sandwiches, meats by the pound, a wide variety of sides and several tasty deserts.

And speaking of getting out of town, visit:

Georgia Boys BBQ in Erie

Georgia Boys has a loyal following.  Try the award winning Chili Brisket.  Solid southern style meets the East side of Boulder bbq joint.  Located in Erie, worth the drive or if you are already there, save the trip, no need to leave town for delicious bbq.

Boulder BBQ Joint Photos

Waynes Smoke Shack True Texas BBQ
Wayne’s Smoke Shack True Texas BBQ
people eating bbq at Waynes smoke shack
Lunch time crowd at Wayne’s Smoke Shack in Superior, Colorado are usually much bigger than pictured here.



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