Landscaping Tips and Tricks

flowers around a tree is great landscapig tricks and tips suggestion
Landscaping Tips and Tricks: add a planter around the base of a tree. Flowers add vibrant color & curb appeal.

Summer seems like the time of year to make outdoor spaces beautiful. I’ve learned some great landscaping tips and tricks from my wife and her family.  They all have very green thumbs when it comes to yard work.  Me? I would best be described as two left feet…

Curb Appeal

First off, the real estate angle: curb appeal.  First thing buyers notice when they pull up to your house is the yard.  Adding fertilizer is an easy way to green up your grass.   My landscaping tips and tricks suggestion is to fertilize during the late Fall before it snows and then in mid Spring when snow is still likely.  Why?  All that snow melts into free moisture which will combine

Sounds Delightful

Water features wow buyers and calm owners day to day.  We find adding a bird bath fountain feature can be a great way to bring a fresh drink to area birds. And our cat loves to watch.

flatware for garden
Seriously: use a plastic spoon, write on it with pencil; pen ink will succumb to water.


Re-purposing Household Stuff

When it comes to gardening in Boulder Colo you can reuse kitchen items.  For instance, bread ties are a great example of items I use for landscaping tips and tricks.  I use them to secure vine type plants to a trellis.  This helps “train” plants to climb in a particular area.  Plastic dinnerware can also be helpful.  Use it to add plant names in gardens

Removing Tree Stumps

I always thought, you needed to hook chains to a back hoe or large truck and pull out a stump.  But one of the handy landscaping tips and tricks I’ve seen used: a grinder.  About the size of a large push lawn mower, grinders wear down the remainder of the tree stump and then you can add sod or seed over the top of where it was.  Problem stump gone.

Adding Ground Cover Around Potted Plants

This is one of my favorite landscaping tricks.  By adding ground cover around potted plants, you add an additional dimension to your garden.  Ground cover plants, such as Veronica grow quickly and naturally spread.  A few plants go really far and are very pretty during the warm months.  We love the selection of starter plants at the Lafayette Florist — just across the street from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.

Building a Raised Bed Garden

A raised bed is a great idea for Colorado. Our soil is hard, frequently made up of Bentonite – a fancy word for clay.   Bentonite is bad for houses and can make gardening difficult.  By having a raised garden bed, we will be able to bring in top quality soil and avoid hours of backbreaking tilling.  Doing a large project? Consider purchasing your dirt from Pioneer or another large company that delivers.  You’ll get better pricing.

raised garden bed
We are about halfway on this project to create a raised garden bed at our house.


Landscaping Tips and Tricks To Keep the Critters Out

We gets lots of little critters in Colorado – squirrels, prairie dogs, rabbits and some big ones such as deer.  All of which love dining on your garden.  The helpful folks at Lafayette Florist shared their landscaping tips and tricks for dealing with unwanted visitors.  Mountain Lion pee.  Don’t worry, you needn’t find a lion in the woods.  Zoos routinely collect and sell the wild animal urine from their exhibits.   Spreading a little mountain lion pee on your garden will spook animals from returning.   Another landscaping trick is to have predator animal replicas in your yard.  Owl statues will scare off wood peckers.  Herrings are very territorial, so having a statue will keep unwanted birds away. 

Of course, you can always opt for the low budget option:  get a dog. Kids love this option too !

 Landscaping Lighting

Consider off set lights of different sizes and shapes for garden pathways.  Doing so will allow you to avoid  good little soldier syndrome while naturally leading guests along your new path in evening hours.  We love solar lights, as the sun’s energy lights the bulbs free of charge

 Remember: Boulder Colo is a drier climate

Summertime, it can be hot and dry.  Water flowers and plants twice a day.  Keeping in mind there are generally City watering restrictions during the day.     Giving plants an extra drink early in the AM is one of our landscaping tips and tricks to create a space that will wow visitors.

bocee ball and horse shoes
One of the best landscaping tips and tricks: tear out portions of your lawn that never grow and add something useful. For back corners or less used yard space, consider adding a Horseshoes or Bocce court.

About the author: The above local Real Estate information on Landscaping Tips and Tricks was provided by Bob Gordon, a local expert in his field.  Bob can be reached via email at or by phone at 303-443-3334. Bob has been helping people move in and out of the Boulder/Denver area since 1995.  Contact Bob now!

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