Boulder Neighborhood Pearl Street Mall

Favorite Boulder Neighborhood Pearl Street Mall

Angela Munroe shares insights on one of her family favorite Boulder neighborhoods, the Pearl Street Mall.  Check it out:


At the time of this video, Angela was working as a summer college intern from Ohio Wesleyan University for Boulder Real Estate News’ Bob Gordon.  As part of her internship, she wrote the script and produced the video.  Employing college interns has been a great experience!

Pearl Street Mall Established In Seventies

Beloved heart and soul of Boulder was created in the 1970’s.  The idea being, to create a walking and shopping area for the community to gather and relax. And all while gazing at the beloved Flatirons!

Early versions of the mall had a lot of grassy areas to sit and relax during lunch hour.  Over the years, the mall has continued to evolve.  These days, the gorgeous signature red bricks are interwoven with gardens, benches and children play areas.

rob larsen photograph of boulder pearl street mall
Children’s play area on the Boulder Pearl Street Mall; photo courtesy of Rob Larsen.

Boulder: Exploring The Outdoors

The best part of being in a community with 300 days of annual sunshine? Exploring the outdoors for sure.  The one-of-a-kind neighborhood Boulder Pearl Street Mall is very conducive to just hanging out.  Walk about and people watch.  Grab a bite.  Browse  in home grown shops and national retailers, side by side.

Its a great jumping off point for getting into the close in mountains.  The Boulder Bike Trail is a few blocks away, ideal for an easier access bike ride or jog up into Boulder Canyon.  Mount Sanitas trailhead is just a few blocks west.  Living in this area of town gives you the best of all worlds: access to the outdoors and everything you need at your fingertips.

Justin Hartman, pictured on left, is demonstarting the art of coffee at ozo coffee downtown boulder
Owner and GM Justin Hartman, left, gives a demonstration on coffee at Ozo, a bustling Pearl Street Mall hot spot.   Insider’s Tip: grab a bag of beans to go – excellent fresh roast coffee beans.

Street Artists and Trendy Coffee Shops

What can you expect on any given day walking along the red bricks of the Boulder Neighborhood Pearl Street Mall?  Huskers (aka street performers) are here year round.  Especially during the noon hour and on warm sunny weekend days, be entertained by jugglers, comedians, acrobats, and more.  Back in the day there was the Zip Code guy – a fellow that could describe where you lived simply based upon knowing your zip code!

And if coffee is your thing (it’s mine!) there are plenty of shops to choose from.  Bookstores with lattes, another spot with shopping and dining and a zippy espresso bar.  Still others that cater to the tech industry with plenty of seating, ample sweets and fresh roasted beans.  You would be surprised at the choice of coffee shops in & about the Boulder Neighborhood Pearl Street Mall.

Family Friendly – Pedestrian Only

Locals love it. Tourists marvel.  And the kids? They just run about and have fun.  The mall is car free since its creation.  There are all sorts of water sculptures and play areas for little ones to explore while you relax on the mall.

5 reasons to buy now in Boulder photo of children plying in a fountain on Boulder Pearl street mall
Photo compliments of Rob Larsen; children playing on Pearl Street Mall

No cycling by the way, son don’t bring your bike to the mall.  Summers, there is a fantastic music series, Bands on the Bricks. Surrounding the downtown area, there is plenty of trendy housing options. Everything from state of the art condos with personal elevator access to hundred year old homes – many remodeled inside and out.

Find your perfect home – updated list of neighborhood properties!

This is definitely one of the best places to live in Boulder.  While you can shop all along the mall, locals love the nearby Ideal Market Plaza for groceries and household necessities.  And CU Boulder is an easy walk as well.  So expect to see students relaxing and studying in coffee shops.

downtown boulder holiday lights january 2020
City and County buildings during the holidays, circa 2020


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