1050 S Boulder West Medical Building

Stunning New Commercial Construction

I’ve been curious for awhile about the new building going up along South Boulder road in Lafayette, Colorado.  Its complete and occupied today.  1050 S Boulder Road is home to the West Medical Building.  Inside and out it is stunning.  Perhaps it is so very visual in nature because it is home to a number of medical professionals centered on vision.  

Covid-19; Doing Our Part

Spring of 2020, you can’t help but hear about and be impacted by the stories of Lafayette’s community and the intersection of this unheard of health crisis.  Be sure to check out the City of Lafayette’s campaign, Doing Our Part.  A series focused on residents holding up during this challenging time.

The City of Lafayette Official Site

Lists a number of projects in various stages.  Getting from a sketch drawing to a fully functional and completed building can be a lengthy time consuming process.  In other words, this beautiful and functional building was a long time coming.  

West Medical Building Interior Design Features

Inside, I was impressed by all the little nuances.  The men’s bathroom on the second floor has great use of tile.  My 1/2 bath at home would be jealous.  The ubiquitous interior staircase features wood treads with grippie metal sleeves – very stylish and functional.   

The grand foyer is just that – two vertical stories flooded with light and providing seating for those waiting on a ride home or just needing a place to sit and contemplate. 

I’ll be getting more information on the businesses so check back for updates.  The West Medical Building is just west of the Boulder Community Health ER and medical building that has sat forever at the corner of Minotaur and S. Boulder roads.

rear exterior shot of 1050 s boulder rd west medical buiilding

West Medical Building Emblazoned 20 Feet Tall

1050 s boulder rd west medical center
As you pull up to the front doors, there is ample parking (not pictured) at the stunning new West Medical Building.
west medical building interior foyer is two stories high with loads of glass and built in seating area
Grand foyer for the West Medical Building at 1050 S Boulder Rd in Lafayette Colorado

looking down from second story of 1050 s boulder rd west medical building you see a two story wall of glass

Lafayette Residential Options

Need A Home Near The West Medical Building?

Read the Trails at Coal Creek Buzz for the latest on single family housing walking distance to this facility or check out some of the other pages catering to housing nearby:

Plenty of great housing exists in this area.  As a long time resident here, I can attest to this being a great part of the Boulder County community.  For awhile we had a home in Whispering Meadows.  We sold and bought in the new Trails at Coal Creek because we wanted to be right up next to the Open Space.

Being so close to open space is both good and bad.  Bad because we have watched a hawk shred a rabbit for lunch in our neighbor’s yard – not a pretty sight.  And we see a lot of coyotes, which can be a bit intimidating, but we know they are just part of the ecosystem.

It’s great living near open space for the view and access to the top flight trails.   We love going for walks and I cycle along the Coal Creek Trail as often as possible.  

Attached Lafayette CO Detached Homes Abound

Whether you are seeking a condo or town house or single family Lafayette Colorado home, there are plenty of great options here.  And if you are a medical worker, you can likely walk to work on nice days – that’s a healthy way to live.

Plus, your children are going to be close to schools.  Again, the ability to walk to school, so healthy.  I wish I had had that option. Where I grew up, there was an incredibly dangerous 4 lane highway between me and the elementary school. So walking to school was never going to happen. 

Here, your children can safely get to and from schools or parks or open space.   All around this part of Lafayette is a great area to call home/work/your part of town!

For a detailed list of housing options, contact me now!  Looking forward to hearing from you. 


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